Chapter 15

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Anne's Pov 

I awoke the next morning to find Phillip no where to be seen but the two bags we brought were packed and situated in the corner, ready to go. Slowly I got out of bed and walked, more like stumbled, across to the window to try to see if there was any change in our surroundings rather it being just miles and miles of sea. 



Due to it remaining unmoved, I assume that we have docked and Phillip must of gone out to get Barnum. Hobbling over to the mirror, I begun to fix my pink wig which was only being held to my head by a few loose pins. Pinching my cheeks to bring some colour into my face, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. A couple of small cuts but nothing too noticable. Over my shoulder, I saw an outfit hanging on the wardrobe. A dark blue skirt with a pink long sleeved blouse and a small jacket of the same dark blue fabric. 

Phillip must of set it out for me before he packed up the rest of the items. I moved across the room slowly, trying not to move too suddenly, a walked into the wash room, outfit in hand.  I knew that we were a good couple of hours away from shore, but the smooth sea has helped quiet a bit in narrowing our 6 day trip down to a 2 day trip. I mean we will have to travel for longer by train and foot, but it has been insisted by Barnum that we do. 

Using a small wash cloth, I slowly scrubbed my face. Trying to get the dirt and oil out from my skin before placing cool water over it. I steadily got changed into the outfit Phillip had set out for me and begun to fix my hair. My Carmel brown hair draped loosely over my shoulders as I let my finger tips ruffle the roots a bit. My eyes fell upon the wig that sat on the sink, dishevelled   and in need of desperate styling, before casting themselves back on the mirror in front of me. It had been a while since I could actually look at myself as me, not as Clara. But a part of me questioned whether or not the girl I was looking at was still me, I mean she didn't look anything like me when I left. There was an absence of grime and dirt, my clothes fitted well and were cleaned rather than tattered from the café. 

I mean I was still me wasn't I? Even though that is what I'm trying to find out, who I am. Who I was. Who I am going to be. 

I looked in the mirror once more before I started styling my hair again. 


Closing the door behind me, I went to find Barnum, Phillip or Lettie, or all of the above. Knocking on the door next to mine, I waited a few seconds before Barnum opened the door. 

"Anne! How are you feeling?" He asked as he let me inside, where I could see Lettie sipping a cup of tea. Phillip wasn't there though, must be out doing something else. 

"Better, thank you." I replied as I sat down on the chair across the room, I tried to act as normally as possible. I didn't really want anybody fussing over me. 

"No wig?" Lettie asked as she noticed the lack of pink in my hair. I decided against wearing it today, I wanted to be Anne. Not Clara. Not anybody else. 

Just Anne. 

"I thought I would spend the day out with you guys before we arrived in Spain, which was unnecessary by the way. I was fine staying on the ship." I say as I pushed a curl back. 

 "We thought you would say that but Phillip insisted that we do." Barnum explains as he hands me a cup of chamomile tea. 

"Phillip insisted?" I questioned, recalling what Phillip had told me. He told me that it was Barnum. He couldn't? No it is not possible?

Was Phillip worried about me?

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