Chapter 8

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Phillip's Pov

We began to climb down the fire escape attached to the building, heading into the busy streets in order to get back to Anne' apartment. Peering around the corner of the building, Anne and I could see the dozens of people who had formed in the market place. Each playing there role in today's agenda. The crowd has a life of its own, the vibrant clothes shine in the morning light and the people move like enchanting shoals of fish. There is chatter between sellers and buyers, old friends catching up, new friends made. It's busy for sure, but the hustle and bustle brings a life to this city.  There were plenty of people to go through undetected, however with the increase in Police officers being stationed at every single market stand, General Watson walking up and down the street, the idea of getting through without being caught was fading quickly. 

"We can't get through, we will have to stay put until they officers pass." I announce, pushing Anne back so nobody would be able to see us when the passed.  She swatted my hand away, moving me to the side so she could have a look at the street.  I watched as he inquisitive hazel eyes scoured around the market place before landing on something, fixating them to a plan she had obvious thought of.

"When I push my hair back, go to the apartment. Do not stop and keep your head down." She instructed. When Anne turned back around, I could see something in her eyes, maybe a sense of reluctance towards the plan. A small smile formed on her lips as she moved out into the crowd, swirling around individuals before "accidently" bumping into someone. 

General Edmund Watson. 

Anne had begun to talk to him, moving her hair behind her ear - giving me the cue to leave. But for a few seconds I couldn't move, I felt something inside of me. Not like when Anne and I danced, not that sort of heart thumping feeling. But this, this was something new. I felt it the moment I had laid eyes on the pair across the market place. I hold my breath behind pursed lips to steel myself against walking over there and taking Anne back to her own apartment. But why should I? There's nothing romantic between us and she is only talking to him so I can get back to the apartment. 

I almost hit myself in the face as I realized that That  was what I was meant to be doing. Going back to the apartment. Quickly, I moved out into the sea of people, keeping my head down as I walked the few blocks towards Anne's apartment. 

But going back to my previous thought, Anne dislikes Watson with a passion. I could basically feel her trying to push him out of the apartment. But there was kind of something else that I haven't told Anne about the Wheeler family. Not even P.T knows. Only a few people on the street know. 

Watson's father was present at the Wheeler attack. He knew it was going to happen and did nothing to stop it. 

Hence, why I got in so much trouble with Watson. Watson stands by his father's actions, justifies them in all matters. And I may of brought up the question of justice, asking who was more guilty: someone who steals to give to the poor or someone who lets a family die because of social expectations. 

I was about a few steps off the entrance to the apartment building when someone placed their hand on my shoulder, causing me to spin around and, almost, shove them towards the ground. Thank the stars I didn't, otherwise I'm pretty sure Anne would of pushed me off the building if I did, I mean the bruise on my shin is still there from where she kicked me. She stood there, a little confused before speaking. 

"I have to talk to that jerk for a whole five minutes, and that is how you repay me?" Anne laughed as I swiftly apologized for almost knocking her to the ground. 

"What did you talk to him about for five minutes? I can barely hold a thirty second conversation with him?" I chuckled as we walked inside the building. 

I could hear her eyes roll to the back of her head when she began to explain. Anne just said that she had thanked him for making sure she was okay earlier, and then he apparently went on this tangent and the conversation, more like his monologue, ended up somewhere in Russia and about his father. 

"Thanks for putting up with him so I wouldn't get caught." I acknowledged as we got to the front door, waiting on the door mat outside. Anne, facing me, had the key for the door in her hand, ready to open the door. But she was hesitant as she gave me a smile, a genuine one, as her eyes had the slightest glow to them. Maybe they had always had and I had never noticed.  Anne parted her lips as if she was about the say something before Barnum opened the door, causing he to quickly jump back. 

"I thought I heard voices out here." He stated with the biggest grin on his face as we came inside.  As we walked inside the door, Anne walking in front of me, I threw bag that contained the golden necklace and the coins. As P.t opened the bag, his eyes widened in disbelief as he pulled out the golden necklace. 

"She had it all along." I announced with a bit of a laugh, causing Anne to quickly jump in. 

"I didn't trust either of you with it before." 

Barnum, placing the necklace back into the fabric bag, placed a hand on Anne' shoulder, laughing at her for her statement. "I don't blame you."

"Can you get travel papers for a boat for dusk?" I asked, to which Barnum nodded. 

"I think I can manage that," He said as he begun to place his coat on - getting ready to leave. Anne had walked over to the other side of the room, picking a couple of things from one of the shelves in the sitting room to take to France with us. 

"Do me a favour, P.T" I whispered, making sure Anne couldn't hear me, "Keep the butterfly charm. Just sell the chain, it should be plenty to get us there anyway." 

He seemed initially confused but gave me a small nod and smile, that kind where I don't know what it means, what is going on in his head, leaving me to help Anne pack. 

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