Chapter 23

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W.D's Pov 

"Is she gone?" I asked Charity as I walked into the living space of the house. Yet another girl attempting to persuade me that they were Anneliese Wheeler. 

"Yes, she is." Charity replied as she closed the glass doors, the two girls running out into the back courtyard before they closed.  Charity, my closest friends as well as perhaps being my advisor as well, had moved here I believe around 7 years ago, three after I had arrived, with her two daughters after her father decided it was best for her to get a new scene. Of course, he only bought three tickets, enabling her husband unable to go. Both of us were unaware of what happened to him, he was supposed to be here 5 and 1/2 years ago and we have yet to receive a letter informing us of his whereabouts. 

Charity walked over to the small coffee table, picking up some letters that had arrived earlier this morning. "Only four letters today." 

I had pretty much given up hope now, each day before I used to open  a letter with a beating heart thinking that this could perhaps be my sister. Yet each one was met with a bitter ending. But, I continued to perceive with them. Charity refuses to let me give up, much like her hope with her husband. She knows that he is going to be here one day. 

"Dear William Daniels," She began, but I stopped her instantly. 

"William Daniels? Anneliese would never called me William. She hated it with a passion, I was only ever W.D to her." 

Charity places the letter aside before reading the next three, each which had something wrong with them. 

The second was talking about the time we had a dog...I'm allergic to dogs. 

The third was one asked me to pay for her passage to Paris for her so she could "convince" me. At least all the other imposters paid their own ways here. 

The forth was a page from a history book, outlining everything about every member of our family but they thought that Gil was Gary, so that was a no to that letter. 

I picked up the letters from the table, rummaging thorough them. Letting myself scan each letter and pull out every single flaw. 

"No, no more letters." I announced. Charity had a look of sincere sadness but accepted my decision, she knew what I , what we, had been through and I can't take anymore of that. 

"What about the other women? The ones who turn up here?" 

"Tell them that Anneliese Wheeler died ten years ago. Her brother, dead with her." 

Charity just nodded as deciding it was best to leave me by myself while she went to go check on the girls.  "I'll turn the lamp on." 

Soon enough, I was alone. Nothing that had changed though. 

These strangers, come calling soon enough they're gone.The twilight is falling, lamps will soon go on and where did summer go I will never know summer used to last endlessly. These strangers, sent packing. What do they expect. So grasping, so lacking. Why not be direct.The beating of my heart, after they depart. Lying wide awake, through the night. Asking myself will you ever come, running home. Believing that you might. 

I've believed so long, I have dared to hope that the door might open, and that you might....

In my heart I know, you're a lie that I've waited for.

Tell them all to go.

Tell them all no more.

Tell them I close the door.

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