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Anastasia Novelization by EloraMaxwell
Anastasia Novelizationby EloraMaxwell
Based upon the history and mystery behind the lost Romanov princess, this novelization takes aspects from the history and the story you've come to know and creates a wid...
  • journeytothepast
  • mystery
  • assasinations
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Journey to the Past by DisneyDreams1937
Journey to the Pastby Lyss
This is a Anastasia fanfic that takes place after she is lost during the Russian Revolution. It tells some of her stories like how she got to the orphanage and tales fro...
  • orphan
  • disney
  • russianrevolution
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Rosella (TenRose AU Inspired by Anastasia) by CaptainSwanEriel
Rosella (TenRose AU Inspired by Marissa
Inspired by the animated film and its hit Broadway adaptation "Anastasia," "Rosella" transports us from the twilight of the Gallifreyan Empire to the...
  • onceuponadecember
  • powell
  • learntodoit
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The Story of Anastasia Romanov by hilmarsdottir
The Story of Anastasia Romanovby Hilmarsdottir
"Come along on a journey to the past", they said. "Bring Anastasia to life before a full audience on Broadway." That sounds great and all, but how do...
  • romanov
  • acting
  • historical
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Journey to the Past by KayKay22Princess
Journey to the Pastby KayKay22Princess
A Young Teenager must find a way to regain her memories and finding out who she is. In the midst of reclaiming her memories and her true family she also have to protect...
  • theoriginals
  • drama
  • secrets
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Journey to the Past. by Creepypasta_my_life
Journey to the CuteNiaRose:]
Sunset Shimmer decides to go back to Equestria and reunite with her family. One-Shot.
  • sunsetshimmer
  • equestria
  • family
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The Greatest Journey To The Past by Maya_2410
The Greatest Journey To The Pastby Maya
Anne only remembers the last ten years of her life, everything prior to that is just a void of darkness, a pixelated picture in which she cannot make out the image. All...
  • anastasia
  • rewritethestars
  • zacefron
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What If? by AzaliaOriginal
What If?by Miss Julissa
It begins at the time when Anastasia is introduced back into her social class but has some doubts. What if Anastasia chose to stay in the world of royalty? What if she d...
  • movies
  • fantasy-romance
  • animation
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