Chapter 28

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Phillip's Pov 

"Have you seen Anne yet? I thought she would be here by now but I haven't seen her anywhere." Barnum questioned as we walked into the brightly lit foyer. People were already there and beginning to fill their seats. 

"I'm sure she'll be here soon P.T." I say back, looking around the room for her. 

"I couldn't be more proud of her Phillip," He said proudly, clapping me on the back. "She's a natural. Anne is extraordinary!"  

He kept praising her acting abilities before I spoke just above a whisper. "Barnum. She is Anneliese." 

"Oh, but I am so worried. I can already feel the nerves..." He begun to rambled again before I caught his shoulder. 

"P.T. She is Anneliese. She was the girl, the one I waved to in the parade. She remembers it all. She's the real thing P.T." 

Barnum had the biggest grin on his face as he came to realize what it all meant. "That means that our Anya has found her family at last." His joy faded quite quickly when he got to the ending. "And you?"

"Will walk out of her life once tonight is over."  Barnum tried to intervene in my idea but my mind was made up.  I love her and that's why I have to let her go. "Princesses don't marry kitchen boys." I said with a tilt of my head. 

Barnum nodded, deciding not to try to talk me out of my plan. He already knew it himself. After all, he knew it from the beginning. He told me to fix my shoes before he walked over to Charity and his daughters. 

I had only just finished readjusting my shoes when I felt an shadow cast itself over me. I looked ahead to see a the end of a dark blue dress. My eyes followed the dress before settling on the face of it's wearer. Anne.  The most beautiful part of the dress was her. Her smile. Her eyes. Her in general. I stared for a few seconds, trying to memorize every inch of her beauty. 

She smiled as I quickly shot up and held out my arm, to which she gratefully accepted with her white gloved hand. She seemed nervous and happy and excited. Terrified and magnificent. 

We managed to get to the door before bumping into Barnum, he waved us off. Telling us to go ahead. Anne smiled, not recognising the slight sadness that lied in Barnum's wave as he knew the whole truth. 

We'll here we go. 

Barnum's Pov 

What have I done? 

What's meant to be is meant to be. I see it at a glance . She's radiant and confident and born to take this chance. 

I tried to think of everything, I just forgot romance. 

I never should of let them dance. 

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