Chapter 29

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Edmund Watson's Pov (The police General in case you've forgotten :D ) 

I knew where the trio were heading the moment my informative alerted me that Phillip Carlyle and Phineas Barnum were in Spain. Paris. They had already had a previous conviction three, four, years ago where they tried to escape New York on a cargo boat. It's been almost 7 years that they have been slipping through my fingers every time that I have come close to putting them where they belong. 

The girl on the other hand, I have yet to decide what to do with her. Anne I believe her name was. She lied to a General, hid wanted fugitives and now is attempting to claim that she is the lost Wheeler girl. 

An underhanded girl. An act of desperation and to my consternation, I let her go...
She wants what she can get. Is that a fair depiction? Does she believe her fiction? It's hard to know...
Is it innocence or guile? Or nothing but a childish act of will? She doesn't know she needs you
She willfully misleads you, but still....still...! A son becomes a man! At his father's knee
If my father asked questions, well...where would we be?

She's nothing but a child. A waif who needs protection. I feel a strange connection-
I can't allow! She says it's all a game, she trembles like a flower. But in her, there's a power
I see that now! I am nothing but a man! With nothing but his orders to fulfill! "I'm innocent!" She cries! But then, you see her eyes and something in them tells you that she absolutely lies!
 until your heart replies...."But, still...!"

I had arrived in Paris only that morning to hear the gossip of the crowds, the first of that being that William Daniel Wheeler was going to be at the Russian ballet, and knowing to two con-men, they will follow like moths to a flame. Can't resist the money that goes along side restoring the Wheeler family. 

The girl, I don't think knows fully. But I must complete my father's mission. The Wheeler's had everything and never gave back to those on their level. They always had to give to those who were not worthy enough to be in our part of town according to my father. He always taught me that. But my heart tells me differently. Anne has a spark to her. Something I have yet to see in anyone else. 

No. Enough of that. My fathers mission is the only way. History would not of wanted her to live if she was meant to die all those years ago.

I must complete my mission, for my fathers name. 

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