Chapter 17

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Anne's Pov 

We left the boat not to long after docking. Huelva was bustling with all sorts of movement, a vast difference from what I was used to in New York. And it is beautiful! The architecture was amazing, everything had a sort of art to it. Something that made it unique and intriguing.  There were dancers on every corner, each of them dancing and clapping to the beat provided by the band sitting behind them. 

It was memorizing. I was so tempted to run off and join the dancers, or go look at the intricate artworks being made but I had to refrain myself. We were just going to the train station, maybe a few minor stops at stalls on the way, but other than that to the train only. 

Barnum held my bag, despite my protests that I was fine carrying my own, as well as his own while Lettie and Phillip held their own. Even though I had no idea where I was going, I still walked a few steps ahead of Barnum and Lettie and Phillip, who was trailing behind us all. 

The titled paths curved around buildings and rivers, rivers with water as clear as chandelier crystal, as all the paths seemed to conjoin in the middle of the city. There seemed to be some sort of festival going on, I don't really know what kind of festival, but there was dancing and music and art and the aroma of fresh cooked food everywhere. 

Okay, I really couldn't help myself. There was a big dance going on in the middle and I may of "accidently" joined in and by that I mean I kind of ran in at the moment I got. The music was just so uplifting ,positive  and energetic. Nothing like I had ever heard before. And the dance it was a sort of fast paced waltz, but not really a waltz if that make sense. It was like you would find a partner dance with them, keeping up with the pace of the music, before swapping with someone else again. 

Turning and swirling and twisting around, letting my feet glide across the floor. I could see that Phillip had somehow gotten involved in the dance, and I could see Barnum and Lettie laughing off to the side, so I think I am correct to assume that he didn't come in voluntary. 

Clap. Clap. Clap. 

I'm smiling so much, to the point where my cheeks hurt but I don't care. I wish for happiness like this forever. I can see Phillip is smiling, grinning is more correct term probably, and he is actually enjoying this. We are close to grabbing each others hands before being pulled away in separate directions by different people. 

He smiles and gives a kind of shrug but he doesn't stop looking at me I notice. I just keep dancing. I branch off from my partner and begin to spin by myself, closing my eyes and letting the music take me. The crescendo of it tells me that the song is close to ending, so I want to savour these moments before having to return to our journey. 

I open my eyes just as I come into contact with someone, Phillip to be exact. He is hand is in my hand where as the other was around my waist. But Phillip held me close to him for a couple of seconds, looking at me with the biggest smile . Someone yells out something and it brings me back from the dance and I notice that Phillip's hand is still in mine own, so does he. He steps back as do I as I give him a small smile which he returns. 

I look over to Barnum and Lettie to see them both grinning like the Cheshire cat at the dance, applauded everyone but keeping their eyes on Phillip and myself. 

"We should probably head back over." I say once catching my breath, beginning to walk back over to Lettie and Barnum. 

"Um..Yeah..Ssure." Phillip stumbles as he follows closely behind me.

A/N -> Another tangled reference. I'm not sorry XD 

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