Chapter 22

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Anne's Pov 

We arrived in the centre of Paris, after a good hour and a bit walk, but it was worth is. All of it. My worn shoes were scratching the beautiful cobblestone path and the frayed edges of my dress did get a few stares from those passing. But, who Cares! I'm in Paris!!! 

"Voila, mes amis! Here's Paris." Barnum said with pure joy, "Now that we're here, follow me . Begin with the view while we stroll down la rue". 

Barnum began to show us around the centre square as we were going to be spending most of our free time anyway. Everyone seemed to be a writer, painter or a poet. I mean there were just people dancing in front of a restaurant while a violin played for them. It wasn't anything like the dancing in Spain, but more thought out and precise. 

I had to stop and spin to actually take everything in. It was just all soo beautiful. The Eiffel tower was amazing, standing against the clear blue sky. And all the storefronts just seemed to be plucked from novels. It was just all soo, so, god it is beyond words! 

I walked next to Barnum, Phillip on the other side, when we passed it. And by it I mean the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It was a clothes shop, but nothing like what you would see back in New York. No, there was a lady who was standing out front as we walked past and rather, to my surprise, pulled me into the shop once she saw the state of my dress. 

"Tsk Tsk Tsk, my dear you are far too pretty to be walking around in something like that." She said as she pulled me inside the store, Barnum and Phillip quickly followed once they were aware that I was going in a horizontal direction, more like being dragged. 

I thought the outside looked pretty, it was nothing compared to what was inside. A crystal chandelier, black velet covered ottomans and rows and rows of fabric and clothes. 

"Sophie! Josephine!" The lady yelled out once she noticed that Barnum and Phillip had come into the store. "Find these two men some suits!" She was met with a "Yes, Mademoiselle Chanel".  The two girls ran out and pulled Barnum and Phillip in different directions as they tried to find suits from the racks that they had.

Me? Mademoiselle Chanel, as the two girls called her, had me in a separate room with a divider. She quickly scanned through one of the racks, before leaving the room to enter what I could only assume to be a sewing room. 

She came back not too long afterwards and handed me a pink dress, wrap dress was what she called in, and she explained how to do the dress up before pushing me behind the divider. I put it on quickly and gave the woman my dirty and frayed dress. I honestly have no idea what she did with it but i'm okay with that. I emerged from the divider to a floor length mirror and I looked different. Not like bad different, but good different. 

The lady, who introduced her self Coco, began fixing my hair that had fallen out into one knot. She somehow, with magic I would have to assume, managed to get it into a braided low bun of sorts. I don't really know how to describe it. Coco also gave me a pair of small heels to wear with my dress and applied some rogue onto my cheeks and a dash onto my lips. 

She held out her hand and I took it slowly, as she guided me out to where Barnum and Phillip were. Barnum was in a new brown suit and Phillip who was in a navy blue one. Coco cleared her throat which caused Barnum to look up and give me a genuine smile. I turned to Coco who gave me a nod and I turned around to Phillip, who had a touch of sadness on his face but this quickly disappeared once I met his eyes. 

I swallowed. "Well?" 

"Not bad." He gave me his signature smile. I just tilted my head and shook my head at him laughing. I felt something heavy in my chest as I knew that's not really what I wanted to here him say, but hey it was an almost compliment. So I just laughed even more. Barnum paid for the items as Phillip held out his arm for me, taking me out into the street once more. 

Well, one more step now. 

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