Chapter 35

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Anne's Pov 

I let my self holt to a stop when I came face to face with Edmund, although it was not the Edmund I had met back in New York. His hair was dishevelled and the suit that he wore was crinkled. The stress that beaded itself across his head somehow gleamed in the light. 

His eyes trailed me, watching me with every step he took. 

"Are you okay? Or were you a hawk in another life?" I questioned, letting my tone getting a bit sharp at the end of it. 

He spoke slow, letting his deep voice radiate danger. " An underhanded girl, An act of desperation and to my consternation I let you go. Well, not this time. Paris is no place for a good and loyal New York Citizen." 

"We a both good and loyal citizen's to our country." I plant my feet into the ground, letting my gloved hands curl up slightly into fists.  Determined not to let any fear or panic that I was feeling slip through. 

Edmund stop circling me and rather took a step towards me, grabbing arm just above where the glove ended. I could not help but to flinch at the touch. 

"I've come to take you home." 

"My home is here now." I say firmly, taking my arm out of his grip with a pull. I begin to walk away, towards the door,  but his quick steps in front of me blocked the exit. The nerves were building inside of me and I could feel the knots slowly begin to form. He locked the door with a click before speaking once more. 

"Stop playing this game Anne! I beg you!" There was a sense of desperation in his voice, a fear almost. 

"We both know that this is not a game Edmund." 

"If you really are Annelise, do you think that history would of wanted you to live?" Edmund questioned. 

"Yes! Why don't you!"  I shot back,  I felt my nerves began to show so I walked away over to the other side of the room 

"The Wheeler's were  given everything and gave nothing back until those who had enough rose up and destroyed them." 

"All but one. Finish it. I am my father's daughter." I took a step closer, looking Edmund in the eyes. Letting him see the fear that danced in mine. He took a breathe before marching away. One. two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Nine steps away from me and threw back the side of his suit jacket and pulled out a gun. I could feel myself jump and fall a few steps back. 

"And I am my father's son!" His voice rose with every word, as though he was trying to convince himself rather than convince me. The click of the gun echoed around the room but he kept it faced down. "And finish it I must! My father shook his head and told me not to ask. My mother said he died of shame."

I still remained still, frozen in my spot. Paralyized . "In me you see them. Look at their faces in mine. Her their screams. Imagine their terror." I tried to draw sympathy from what he had already told me. The fact that he still remembers it as pain, meaning that their is a part of him that knows it was wrong what they did to my family. 

"But I believe he did a proud and vital task and in my fathers name!" He continued to ramble while I continued to try to interject pathos. 

"Do it and I will be with my parents, my brother in that cellar!" I recalled, I can't remember who told me but I knew that was where they were killed, slaughtered. 

"The children, their voices. A man makes painful choices, He does what's necessary, Anne! For America, for New York. What choice but simple duty, we have the past to bury Anne!." He continued to ramble on until his head shot up. "For the Last time, WHO ARE YOU?" He yelled, i'm surprise no one else heard him but the press was awfully loud and we were in the quarters away from where everyone else was. 

"I am Annelise Wheeler, the only daughter of the Wheeler family!" I yelled in response, believing it myself for perhaps the first time. Yet the name still didn't feel one hundred percent right, but I shook that feeling off. Bigger things are happening right now. 

"Be carfeul what a dream may bring,  A REVOLOTUION IS A SIMPLE..." He trailed off, holding the gun directly at my heart. I was shaking but remained steady somehow. He moved the gun from my heart to the middle of my head, holding it there before his shaking arm eventually gave out, letting the gun fall onto the ground with a clank. "I can't" He said quietly uncocking the gun before falling to his knees. He kept repeating "I can't" under his breathe as he loosened his tie. 

I placed my hand onto his shoulder. "I mean you no harm Edmund." I went to turn away, letting my hand slide of his shoulder but his hand quickly grabbed mine. 

"I believe that you are Annelise." He said slowly and I knelt down so I was on his level. 

"What will you tell them?" I enquired as he and I rose to our feet, Edmund placing the unloaded gun back into his pocket. 

"That I was not my father's son after all." He extended his hand for me to shook to which I took, before he left the room. He stopped once to look back at me but continued to exit the room. The chime of the clock rang out the room and I realized where I needed to be.

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