Chapter 5

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Phillip's Pov 

She had retired to her room not long after we danced. She organised the bag of lentils and a blanket for myself as well as a blanket for Barnum, but after that she left to her room with a swift "goodnight". I don't know what I was expecting. But I knew there was a heaviness in m gut, a almost disappointed like feeling, when Anne went to her own room. I don't know why, maybe I was just disappointed that the dance had to end? 

I just laid on the sack of lentils, looking up to the ceiling and tracing random things with my eyes. Barnum was already asleep, anybody could tell from his loud snores. I had kind of gotten used to it since we partnered up, it was more of just a background noise now. But there was something else, keeping me awake. I was mean and cruel towards her, without any reasons. I had seen she was different from all the other girls I had met before, they way she interacted with those kids was just.....beautiful. But I was horrible to her, letting my own temper get the best of me just to fuel her own. I was being like him. The thought was like acid it my mouth. To be like him. I would much rather die than be anything close to what he is. 

Anne's light was still on in her room, maybe I could just go an apologize. I quietly got out of bed, ensuring I wouldn't wake Barnum (it is not like I could though, he is that deep of a sleeper), and slowly walked over to Anne's door. I knocked gently, loud enough that she should be able to hear it.

No answer.

I knocked again and got the same response.

"Anne?" I whispered, pushing open the door open and there she was. Sound asleep with a book in her hand and hair splattered all over he face. Fallen asleep while she was reading. I smiled to myself for no particular reason as I tip-toed over to her and, carefully, pulled the book out of her hand. "Frankenstein". Hmm, I wouldn't of picked that as a book she would read but then again I had judged her when we met. I placed the book onto the table next to her bed, pulled up a blanket, so she would get a cold, and switched out the light before returning to my make-shift bed.


(The next day)

Anne had gotten up early, I don't know how early but when I woke up ( as usual I was the last one) she had made breakfast for us all as was reading over some of the notes that Barnum had supplied about her family history.

"Count Sergi wore a feathered hat." Barnum had told her as I sleepily got out of the bed. Despite being a sack of lentils, it bet sleeping on the cold ground any day.  

"I Hear he has gotten very fat." I said as I slowly picked food up of the plates and placed them onto my own. 

"And didn't he have a yellow Cat?" She asked, Barnum agreed and continued on with the lesson. We didn't tell her that. Word on the street must be getting out about. 

Barnum was just about to ask he another question when a knock on the door interrupted us. Anne looked between us before quietly whispering, "I wasn't expecting anybody". 

"Hello?" A familiar voice called out, Anne's eyes doubled in size as she realized who it was. 

General Edmund Watson. 

Barnum and I picked up some of the excess food as well as the bag of lentils as we ran into Anne's room shutting the door behind us as Anne quickly fixed up the living area so I looked normal. 

"One Second please" She called out, I could hear her skirt moving quickly as we heard the door swing open with a creak. 

"Not a sound." I whispered to Barnum as we pressed our ears up against the door. 

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