Chapter 12

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Anne's Pov

Out on the deck, Barnum and I sat watching the ocean move aside as the ship glided through the waters. We both held a warm cup of tea in our hands, watching the moon enter the sky. Taking it over with its own light, causing everyone to forget about the day. 

"If you don't mind me asking, why are you going to Paris?" I questioned. It was something that had been bugging me for a little while, i mean it seems that Phillip only wants to get out of Paris because the police are looking for him. But with Barnum, there seemed to be something more to the story.

"No, not at all." He took another sip before contuing, "after all it effects you as well."

"It does?"

"Yes, In Paris your first challenge will be William's close friend, Charity Hallett. No one gets to see William without her." He explained. 

"But how does that relate to you?" I recited the little piece of information  in my head to see if i had missed anything. 

"Charity is my wife." 

Well, i certaintly did not see that one coming. 

He continued. "We are married, had two daughters as well, but we didn't have a lot of money. Enough to make do, but not to give her the life i wanted to. 

Well, Charities father found out about our living conditions and got Charity a job. The only problem that it was on the other side of the world and he had only bought three tickets. 

So I told them to go, that I would be over as soon as i got the money. But one by one things happened, the comapny went bankrupt, i lost the house. I ended up on the streets with Phillip, trying to earn enough to get me to Paris. And then we found you." He said, poking me in the arm Lightly with his free hand. "You gave me hope again. Hope that i could see my family." 

I had another sip of tea, while I processed wha he just said. I gave him hope? I can barely give mysefl any hope? So how on earth did i give him hope? 

Barnum looked at his watch, annoucing that he was going to head inside, asking me if i was going to go in as well. 

"Thank you but i think i shall sit out here and finish my tea." I replied with a small smile. I heard Barnum's footsteps fade, leaving me out on the deck all alone with a cup of luke warm tea in my hands. 

Stars shone as sugar spilt over black marble, glistening in the sun. The night sky was such a welcome sight, appearing like magic at each sunset, promising to return as she faded in dawn's first light. There were times in the daytime, under skies of blue, where I  would think of those faraway stars and how they'd return after the shadows blended into the dark.

The late evening was beautiful with its borderless flow of clarity: the vast, seemingly empty sky stretched out for infinity; it had a smattering of low level flat clouds that were spread-out to the horizon; the milky cotton ball clouds obstructed potions of the endless sky that showed off its infinite beauty; the sky's hue darkened as the residue of sun slowly settled in a magnificent flourish of ribbon-like fire; the brilliant sun rays gleam outlined the cotton-ball clouds in a blazing glow that signified the end of the day.

As the cool air cast itself onto the ship, I thought it might be best to go back inside. I had only got a few steps into the corridor of the hall, just a few feet from my door, when the men who were on the other ship, or I had thought were on the other ship, lurked....waiting for someone. 

"And here she is, the little hero." One of them sneered and I could smell the alcohol on his breathe from where I was standing. 

I just ignored them, and tried to get to the door as quickly as possible. I still had the empty cup in my hand and just as my free hand went to reach for the door knob. I was dragged away, the cup shattering on the ground just in front of the doo. I tried to yell out for Phillip but the hand placed over my mouth, made it extremely difficult, and the fact that I had been picked up. Unable to use my arms or legs to break free. 

I was defenceless.  

My head was slammed up against the side of the railing as the sound of the ocean filled my ears, but that could of also been the sound of red  blood cells rushing to my head. I could feel something warm trickling from the spot where I was hit. Blood . 

I automatically felt dizzy and the men kicking me in the stomach repeat didn't help much.  I could see black dots cloud my vision, as a figure, a black silhouette something I couldn't make out, came up yelling and all the men quickly fled. 

A warm hand slid itself underneath my neck and another underneath my knees as I was slowly picked up. I forced my eyes open one more time, despite blackness desperately wanting to take over, to see a familiar face. 

"Phillip?" I croaked as darkness finally overtook my vision. 


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