Chapter 25

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Anne's Pov 

After a very long day of sight seeing, I thought it might be best to  head back to the hotel for the evening. The streets of Paris were beautiful, as to be expected, during the walk back where the sun was just fighting to stay about the horizon for a few minutes longer. Fountains made rainbows and candles were lit at every table, window and lamp on the walk back. 

The hotel was lovely, you could just see the Eiffel tower from the top of the stairs. I opened to door gently, to see that Phillip had already retire for the evening. His bedroom door was shut and there wasn't a single glimmer of light peaking out from underneath the door. 

Pulling the pins gently out, I let my hair fall gently onto my shoulder as I got changed into my night dress. A single, long, cream night dress. I folded up my dress, placing it on the little chest of drawers in the corner before hoping into bed. It was the softest thing in the planet. I mean, it was better than anything I had ever slept on before. I let my head fall into the pillow, duck feather I would have to guess, as my hair erupted around me. I closed my eyes as I felt my self falling into sleep...


Figures. No, people. Surrounded me. Like they would do most nights, but it felt real  tonight. It was real. There were faces of people who I could never fully identify. Always a little blurred , but I felt like I knew them. Like something that you wanted that was always just out of reach. 

"Have you said your prayers my darling?" One of the voices, a women, asked. 

"Can I tell you a secret?" Another voice asked me but this time it was one of a little boy. "I'm going to die soon, we all are." He announced as he swung back and forth on a swing. "Do you have a secret?" 

"I don't know who I am." I stated . It was something that had been haunting me since we started this journey. 

"That's silly," The little boy laughed. "Everyone body knows who they are." 

They all started yelling "Anne, Anne!" The sound of screams echoed around the room as I saw a person, one with a crooked nose, walk up with a gun in hand as a gunshot radiated around the room, followed by several more. 


I screamed, leaping out of the bed and across the room as I tried to bring myself back together. I wash shaking, my hands couldn't even keep still as I tried to cover my mouth to stop a sob escaping it. 

"Anne?" Phillip asked hastily as he ran into the room, a worried expression cast upon his face.

"The voices they keep coming back." I whispered, but the room was silent enough to make it seem like I yelled. 

He ran over quickly as he realized what had happened. "That's all they are. Voices." He said gently. "You're having a nightmare." And with that he held m wrists lightly and guided me over to the bed. I sat while he remain standing, holding my hand now.

"Phillip? Can you stay with me? Please?" 

"Of course." He walked over and sat beside me on the bed. 

"I'm frightened." I blurted out. "Who do you think I am Phillip?" 

"If I was William Daniel, I would want you to be Anneliese."

"You would?" 

"I would want her to be a beautiful, intelligent strong young woman." 

"Is that what you think I am?" I questioned, I couldn't help myself. 

"I do." 

"Thank you."

There was a moment of awkward silence between us which prompted him to let go of my hand and shuffle across away from me a little bit. 

"You're welcome." 

"I began to wonder if you were ever going to pay me a complement." I joked trying to make light of the situation. I got a chuckle in response, which was good enough for me.

"Do you really think," I paused, "I might be her?"

"I want to believe you're the little girl who I saw once many years ago." 

"I don't understand." 

There was another pause before he began to speak again. " It was June, I was ten. I still think of that day now and then. A parade and a girl and a crowd of thousands. 

She sat straight as a queen. Only eight but so proud and serene. How they cheered, how I stared in that crowd of thousands .Then I started to run and to call out her name as the crowd on the road went wild. I reached out with my hand and looked up and then she smiled.

The parade travelled on with the sun in my eyes, she was gone. But if I were still ten in that crowd of thousands.

I'd find her again"

"You're making me feel as if I was there too," I said. 

"Maybe you were. Make it part of your story." 

"A parade?" I began. 

"A parade." Phillip prompted. 

"Passing by. It was hot, not a cloud in the sky. Then a boy caught my eye in a crowd of thousands. There were guards but he dodged in between. Yes, he made himself seen in that crowd of thousands.

Then he called out my name and he started to run through the sun and the heat in the crowd.
I tried not to smile but I smiled.

And then he bowed!." I said, jumping off the bed as did Phillip. 

"I didn't tell you that." 

"You didn't have to! I remember!" I cried out with the biggest smile on my face as I ran over to him, grabbing his hands.

"The parade travelled on, with the sun in my eyes you were gone.But I knew, even then.In a crowd of thousand, I'd find you again." I recited as all the memories came flooding back. 

Phillip looked at me up and down, leaning in slightly and i'm pretty sure I did as well. But just like any moment, it was gone in a fleeting second as he took a step back and bowed and spoke three words.. 

"Miss Anneliese Wheeler." 

 A/N -> Barnum's Pov is next, I'm just trying to decide how I want to scene to play out :D 

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