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Ana's PoV

"Anthony, let me go see Kaytlin, or I will move back with my brothers and their mates."

Anthony growled, "I won't let you out if this room! Just link her!"

I rolled my eyes. Anthony could be so stupid! He hadn't marked me yet, so he thought that males would steal me away. As if! Everyone knew I was his mate! They knew they would be torn apart piece by piece if they even looked at me in a way that suggested something!

Honestly, I think Anthony was scared that the girls would steal me too.

"I can't, you dummy! She is resisting my link! Not even you could get in! She's been away too long to trust links just yet!"

Anthony looked at me as I smacked his head, "You look cute when your mad."

"Ugh! That's it! I'm leaving!"


I growled, "I'll find a way out!"

He thought that just because he had guards just outside the doors and windows escape was impossible.


I smiled evilly. The few times he let me out, I'd been in the library when Fern or Kaytlin (who I still called Fiaga a lot, even though she was in human form) were busy. I had been reading up on a teleportation spell.

And I finally got it figured out!

Anthony walked into the bathroom as my smile turned into a grin. Perfect! He finally left me alone so I could escape without him seeing!

Oh, I can already see the look on his face when he realized I was gone!

I hope he doesn't hurt anyone!

I put my hands together, and instantly sparks formed and I started making a shell-like magical orb around myself. Next thing I knew, I was walking next to Kaytlin in the hall.

She jumped back in surprise, "Ana! Don't do that!"

I chuckled. "Come on! Its not like Anthony was going to let me out alone, was it?"

Kaytlin rolled her eyes, and we started chatting. Suddenly, I heard a booming voice.

"WHERE IS SHE?!?!?!"

Kaytlin jumped out of her skin, and she banged right into Seb, who happened to be walking the other way.

My eyes went wide. I blinked, pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming, slapped myself, even summoned a bucket of cold water and poured it on me. Nothing worked. It was all real.

Kaytlin and Seb... first, they bang into each other, then suddenly their kissing?

What. On. Earth.

I unconsciously used a spell to dry off as the two kept kissing. I cleared my throat, hearing Anthony's booming voice from across the castle.

"Umm... what on earth is this?"

Seb moved between Kaytlin and me.

"Mine," he growled.

I... Words can't express how shocked I am.

I barely realized Kaytlin's voice was in my head, 'I suggest you teleport back to your room and act like you were there the entire time. I'm just as shocked as you, but I'll tell you everything after this later. Also, tell... my mate I guess to keep quiet and pretend you were never here. You need some fun.'

I chuckled. Anthony would be so confused and agitated if he came back to the room to see me in it.

I mind linked Seb, 'Shhh, you never saw me. Oh, just to help out, her names Kaytlin.'

After that, I teleported back, anticipating Anthony's return.


Boom! Kaytlin has a mate!

Finally, the epilogue is done! But, that means the book is done too :(

I'm actually really excited for the sequel! I have an idea about what the book is going to be based on, so it should be up soon.

I'll keep you updated on it.






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