Chapter 15

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Ana's PoV

I moved into a defensive position the second I saw the rouges. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Fern doing the same.

I quickly mind linked her, 'This was a terrible idea...'

'I kno-'

She stopped mid sentence as the rouges turned their attention to the side. Fern and I followed their eyes, looking through the trees.

An amazing scent hit me just as I saw a wolf staring at me. It smelled like chocolate with a small hint of honey. It was amazing!

I was starting to lean into the scent when I realized what it means.

Holly was howling, 'Mate! MATE!'

I cut through her howls, 'Holly, this is BAD!'

Holly cut off her howling, but I could tell she was rejoicing.

The rouges forgot about Fern and I as they raced towards the prince and his patrol. Fern looked at me in alarm and jerked her head to the prince's reddish-gray wolf. I nodded and bowed my head. This was going to be tough.


Anthony's PoV

All the rouges shifted their attention to me as the rest of the patrol caught up to me. My father mind linked me as he came to stand next to me, 'Anthony! What was that?'

'I couldn't help it! Walker was going crazy, and when I got here, I realized why! MY MATE!!!'

My father's face turned from disapproval to happiness instantly, 'Congratulations son. Now,' he said, addressing everyone. 'Everyone needs to go after all wolves except Anthony's mate. Is she the brown one with white streaks?'

I nodded and he continued, 'Anthony, you need to keep your mate from running, and when she shifts back, give her this,' he threw a towel at me and I grabbed it mid air.

'Are we ready?' As soon as everyone nodded, he looked at the rouges again.

'3... 2... 1...'

Go, I thought as I charged down towards my mate. My other half. My life.


Ana's PoV

My eyes widened as Anthony raced down the hill, the king right by his side. I started to make a move to run, but before I could, I saw Fern getting tackled by the king.


'I'm alright Ana! I can mind link him, showing I'm the officer's mate. But run before the prince catches you!'

I started to run again, but the prince caught up to me and bowled me over.

I instantly clouded my mind. I knew that the royal family could force themselves into any wolf's mind, so I had to cloud it.

Somehow though, he managed to get through, 'Shift!'

I forced myself to mask my voice. 'Never!'

I opened my eyes to see Anthony's face.

I'm seriously think he has anger issues because he looked...

Lets just say if looks could kill...

'Now sweetheart. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.'

'I'd much rather do it the easy way, but that would probably mean me shifting, which I don't want to do, but the hard way... Is there a medium way? Can I have a description of every option I have? I do have no way, right? I mean...' By now I was playing for time.

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