Chapter 20

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Ana's PoV

I stayed up much later than usual, reading books on the 'Raise Half' spells. They were extremely difficult, but my power should be strong enough. I hoped.

I then tried to make the sparks appear. That would mean that I could preform the spell.

To my amazement, they came out easily.

No nightmares plagued my sleep, so I wasn't too tired and I was ready to start the day.

I trotted to Seb's room, still thinking about the spell.

Well, I sure hope I don't kill her.


Anonymous PoV (O.o)

I didn't feel near as weighed down as I did the first time I wore the armor. It's weight had grown on me, making it feel almost normal.

The king, queen, and all five princes stood in front of me and my patrol.

"You must search the entire castle, the city if you must, to find this scent."

I breathed in deeply. Sadly, since the future king's mate wasn't with him, it would be hard to determine her scent different from all the others, but I was determined to find my future queen and Luna.

"Go now," the king spoke, authority deep in his tone. I nodded to my patrol as we raced towards the rest of the castle. We split up, one person taking a half to search the castle, and I was taking the half that was searching the forest.


Fiaga's PoV

I paced the clearing outside my den. Ana was taking forever!

Literally the second I thought that, she appeared with a determined face and some books.

"Right, are you ready to do this?"

I nodded and muttered, "As I'll ever be."

Ana closed her eyes, and I could practically see the power shooting through her veins. Wait, I actually could see the power! Oh my, its getting closer to her hands! Oh shoot, I might not actually be ready for this!

I nearly told her to stop when a beam of light came out of her hands that would probably be heard throughout the forest.

The light hit my fur, and I instantly started concentrating on my human form, the brown eyes with black hair, how long my nails were when Kaytlin was killed, and so on.

I soon felt an excruciating pain shoot through my body. I heard a small little crack, and a few more, and my body became a twisted mess of half human half fox bones.

Finally, I felt a pain that nearly made me pass out an the last crack was heard.

I looked down at myself as Ana threw a towel to me.

I looked like my 7 year old self imagined I would look at 16. My face had matured, my eyes were a bit different, my voice...

"Ana, it worked!"

She smiled, but of course someone just had to come by and ruin the moment.

"I thought that the king and queen had announced to every person that if they had magical abilities, they were to go to the royals. I'm sure they will want to hear your excuse, servant!"

Ana and I glanced at each other as we looked at the guard in front of us.

Oh shoot.


Anthony's PoV

I sat restlessly in the throne room. They had to find her, they just had to!

A knock was heard at the door and I almost leaped out of my chair, but my father placed his hand on mine and said, "Enter."

The second the doors opened, Walker went crazy.

'She's near! She's near! She's either in this room or just outside, but she's near!'

I looked at the patrol with the servant girl in front of them. Every single one of them was female.

The goddess must love to play 'tricks' on me.


Ana's PoV

The guard went to the king and whispered in his ear what happened. Fia- wait no- Kaytlin was just outside. She couldn't be questioned due to being a fox.

I bowed my head. I would probably get thrown in some sort of jail. Not telling the royals that you were a Mage was a huge felony.

"Why didn't you tell us servant?"

I used all my power to stop my voice from shaking, "I didn't want to be singled out for being different, an I didn't want to be considered dangerous by you."

The king sighed. "You should've just told us anyway. Because you didn't, I have no choice but to-"

"No!" Anthony cut his father off.

They mind linked for a bit, but Anthony shook his head and stood up, walking towards me.

"Ana," he whispered.

Holly howled when he said my name. She was just content to be standing this close to him.

Anthony walked even closer, and it was starting to bother me. Or, that was until he grabbed my hand, letting the sparks fly, and pulled me in to kiss him.

I forgot everything.


Anthony's PoV

I got lost with my mate in my arms. Walker was urging me onwards, but I reminded myself where we were when Ana pulled away.

My father cleared his throat. "If you are done, I'll get on with her punishment."

I pushed her behind me, protectiveness filling me up. "If you harm any part of her, you are dead."

My father smiled, "So she is your mate?"

I pulled Ana closer, chuckling silently at her whine of protest. "Yes."

I didn't even realize that my father told everyone to leave.

I picked my mate up bridal style and carried her to my- our room. I smiled as she instinctively rested her head on my shoulder, sighing contentedly.

I would talk to her later. First, I wanted to have her in my arms for the rest of the day and never let her go.


If you think I'm happy to end it, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG!

Meh, epilogue coming soon.

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