Chapter 5

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I looked at the prince in surprise.

He must've seen my reaction, because he rushed on, "My parents have been too busy to set up lessons for me, and I'm the worst hunter in the family."

"Well, what do you use to hunt besides your wolf?"

He looked around, "Well, I don't see one here, but I use a bow. I can hunt brilliantly as a wolf, but if I can't shift then I'll be in trouble of I get lost."

I nodded. "I also use a bow. When do you want to start lessons?"

"Tomorrow after you finish. Could you mind link me without alerting the whole family?" I shook my head and he shrugged, "It doesn't matter. Will you meet me by the garden, the place the squirrels were?"

I nodded, "I'll be there. But, why didn't you ask an officer to help you?"

He looked down. "I didn't want to seem weak. There's a high chance I'll be the next king. If I look weak, that might be passed on to Hector, and that can't happen," he explained. I nodded again, and he left.

I went back to the xBox, and I put in a movie.

About halfway through it, I heard more knocking at the door.

I paused and went to the door, "Hello?"

I looked up and saw that no one was there. I shrugged and went back to the movie.

Just then, my parents came in looking overjoyed.

"Fern found her mate," we all said excitedly.

"You knew?" Mother asked.

I nodded and was consumed in a bear hug.

"Oof! Can't. Breath."

They got off me, and I explained what happened with the prince.

"So he still doesn't know?"

I shook my head no.

They looked down, "I guess it's for the best."

I nodded, an they went over to the fridge to cook dinner.

"Peter," they yelled to my brother who was upstairs, "Do you want buck, buck, buck, doe, doe, doe, doe, doe, doe, or the castle meal?"

I laughed as she listed off everything we had.

"The doe was delicious! Lets have that," came the somewhat distracted yell.

I went up to see him on the PS3 that he won at the auction.

"COD. Really?"

He nodded, "Yep. Anyway, we have too much meat! You need to start donating again!"

I shook my head. "No, I can't or else someone will find out."

"Fine," he growled.

I laughed and went downstairs.

"I'm going out to the garden!"

"Okay, just be back for dinner," my mom called.

I ran to the garden and immediately found the squirrels.

I hesitated, but I decided to pass them and go to the forest.

As I ran to the forest, I spotted Fiaga, a fox.

She had told me that foxes tended to have different names than wolves.

"Fiaga," I called through my Animal Speak spell.

She turned her head to me, "Ana! It's been days!"

I nodded. "I know! How's the forest?"

"Well," she began, "let's just say the squirrels and birds were at it again."

I laughed. The squirrels and the birds were great friends, but they tended to play fight a LOT. That usually included birds dropping sticks on the squirrels, who threw acorns at them.

We have some weird animals.


I'm going to try to keep up posting three chapters at once. It is somewhat easier.





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