Chapter 6

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Anthony's PoV

My wolf is tired of waiting. Our mate ran from us four years ago, and she still hasn't shown her face. I questioned the group of girls, but none of the ones who hadn't left quickly were my mate.

I was so confused! Why would she run from me, the prince? It doesn't make sense!

Gilbert had found his mate too, and they were happy. They already had a pup, Alexander. His mate, Lilly, was living happily with her mate, only caring about her pup.

I hadn't seen the group of girls since the party. I was starting to wonder if they were rouges who had passed the guards.

There was another face that night. I could never put my finger on it, but it was there. My mind went hazy with the need to have my mate by my side that I forgot everything but that group.

When I find my mate, I will chain her to the bed for a year. She will never run again.

'Good thought,' my wolf, Walker, growled.

I wasn't paying attention to where I was, but I didn't really care.

I was jolted out of my thoughts when I heard something scurrying away. I looked up and realized I was in the garden. I followed the sound of scratching on the dirt and I suddenly heard a quickly drawn in breath.

I looked around before almost stopping and staring at the beautiful girl in front of me. She wasn't just beautiful, she was gorgeous!

I forced myself to treat her like a normal person and I sat down on the bench. I soon realized that she was a servant.

"You clean out Seb's room, right?" I mentally slapped myself. Really, Anthony? That's what you say to a servant goddess? I did not just think that. Something's wrong with my head.

I was jolted out of my mental conversation when I heard her laugh. I looked around and saw a huge cluster of squirrels coming towards us.

"Why is a mass of squirrels coming towards us?" Again, really Anthony?

This caused her to laugh more, so I stopped scolding myself. "They are harmless! See?" With that, she put her hand down and three squirrels got on it.

I was shocked that someone would be able to hold a squirrel. I heard stories of them being vicious!

She put the squirrels down and started to get up. I reached out to grab her hand but at the last moment she snatched it away.

"I'm a servant," she whispered before running into the forest.

Three days later, I was taking a walk through the forest when I saw the buck I was stalking fall down with an arrow in its chest. I looked around in wolf form for its killer, and I saw the slave, looking strong. Her black hair was waiving in the wind, her brown eyes fierce, and looking good in brown camouflage clothing. She held a bow that was halfway pulled out, and she was staring at the buck.

I needed to spend more time with her. I had no idea why, but I needed to.

So I thought of the first excuse that came to my mind.

I followed her to her home, and a few minutes after she settled down I knocked and asked her if she was the one donating. When she shook her head, I thought of the next best excuse, that I needed help hunting in human form. That wasn't entirely false, but not completely true either.

After setting up the lesson time, I left but not before realizing that she was on her xBox playing Skyrim.


I wanted to publish this alone because it is Anthony's PoV. I will probably post certain PoVs together.

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