Chapter 9

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When my parents finished their jobs and got home, they saw me stuffing my face with cake.

"Ana! What are you doing? Did you rob the kitchen again?"

I, halfway through my 7th cake, shook my head. "Kyle might have, but I didn't."

My parents turned to give Kyle a stern glare.

He put his hands up, "I admit it. I went through the kitchen. But hey, we are allowed to and we both got something good out of it!"

My parents rolled their eyes. "Well, since you already have your cake, I will eat your cookie," my father said.

I swiveled my head towards him, "Don't. You. Dare."

He laughed and brought out dinner.

"I think we are getting tired of deer over and over again, so I got the castle meal."

I grabbed the bag and took out one meal. I put it next to my cakes and opened it to see the food.

What I saw made me almost leap for joy.

"Hamburgers, Macaroni and Cheese, and more cake! And you said something about a cookie too? I hit the jackpot today!"

Just then, Logan, another brother, came in. He saw my cakes and looked at my parents with a look that said Your letting her eat all of that?

I laughed and he glared at me.

"Kyle gave me every cake except this one," I said, pointing to the small slice of red velvet cake with my plastic fork.

He looked at Kyle with a look of disappointment when he said that he had no more.

Logan then came up to me with puppy dog eyes. "Please," he begged.

I shook my head and instinctively put myself between him and the food. He laughed at that and went to watch Kyle on the xBox.

Just then, Nicholas came barging through the door, "I smell cake!"

I laughed and told him he couldn't have any.

About 24 minutes later, the whole family was in the house. David and Ryan came in together, and William came in after that. About 13 minutes later, Joseph, or Joe, came in with his mate Sophia. Then, on the 24th minute, a sweaty Jack came in with his mate Lillian and Nicholas's mate Jennifer.

It was times like these that I realized how big our family was.

When I finished dinner, I went upstairs to get some sleep.


Short, I know. I was running out of ideas and I really wanted to emphasize the fact that Ana will do anything for food and Skyrim.

Anthony's PoV next!

And very soon, something very special will happen that was somewhat touched on in the last chapter.






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