The Servant Mate

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I know this part is confusing. I didn't think about when I wrote it. Sorry. It gets better according to other people.

The party was getting long, longer than the usual. All the servants were getting tired as the people attending gave them their orders, to get fresh-meat, to fill up their drinks, and worst of all, to clean up after their filthy faces.

Lots of the servants say they are 'treated like cattle' or 'forced to look after beggars' because of the jobs they are given to get little pay. One was lucky to even get a coin a week!

Then there are the few who are thankful for the gift of money, and they realize that the new King and Queen are trying to give them more. They know that being a servant meant food and a place to sleep with a little money.

A few of these people, the Ga'Raith family, are the lowest ranking servants in the house, and they are thankful for every septum they get.

The only daughter of this family, a young girl called Ana, watched as the Princes kissed the hands of every lady that walks past them. Well, all except the Middle and the Oldest. He had found his mate young, and had never gotten into those ways. When his mate died, he made sure not to go with anyone else unless he thought she would approve. He's gone out with only one girl since then. The Middle Prince was just smart.

The Smaller Middle Prince was the worst. He did things that no one wants to hear about, less see.

The servant girl watched as he took the hand of a particularly beautiful woman with a rosy dress. She followed him, and the girl lost sight of him.

Suddenly, the crowd cleared to see the Middle Prince scowling at his younger brother.

The servants order the Princes, since there are five.

The Oldest is the oldest of them all. He was the kindest and wisest of his brothers. He is also known as Prince Nestor.

Then came the Bigger Middle, who was a year and a half younger than his brother. He is 20. He tends to do things for the hope of finding his mate, so if that means kissing everyone's hand he would do it. He is Prince Gilbert.

The Middle Prince was the best of the Middles. He was kind, smart, selfless, and he only wanted what was best. He is Prince Anthony, 16 years old.

The Smaller Middle Prince was the worst. He would flirt with girls, ask them out, and when they are done doing whatever (the prince making sure that the girl pays), he leaves her with no one to drive her home. Prince Hector.

Then the Smallest. He was bound to follow in the Smaller Middle's footsteps, the way he hung around his brother. He is also known as Prince Sebastian.

The servant girl chuckled to herself at Prince Hector's face as the Middle Prince scolded him.

As Ana got back to serving the people, Prince Hector walked up to her. She was about 13 and he was 14.

"May I have a drink from a lovely lady?"

He was given a drink, and he winked at the girl.

Prince Anthony walked up to him with an expression of rage.

"Hector! I thought I told you to stop!"

The Smaller Middle Prince glared at his brother, but he left Ana.

Prince Gilbert came up to her and the brothers spoke at the same time.

"Are you okay?"

She nodded and started walking away as Prince Hector stuck his boot out and made her trip.

Just then, a group of girls came over and accidentally bumped into them as the Princes grabbed the girl's wrist.

Both Princes' eyes flew wide with surprise with Ana's as the three of them felt shocks.

Prince Gilbert turned to one woman.


She smiled and her friends ran off, with Ana running with them.

The girl ran to the kitchen and hid in there as the Middle Prince ran after the group telling them to stop running, thinking that his mate was in the group.

Little did he know that he had left her behind.

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