Chapter 19

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Anthony's PoV

I nearly screamed. MY MATE wrote to me! The same mate that had RUN from me was now giving me hints of where and who she is!

I scanned the letter again. She wrote of a few times that we must've had together, but-

She must live in the castle!

I really wished Walker could help me out on this, but he was too concentrated on making sure he would never miss our mate again, even if one of us were human when we were together. At least he had started speaking again.

I scanned through the letter a third time and started thinking. I got jealous of her brothers, she saw how bad of a shot I was, and I attacked her friend.



Ana's PoV

I walked out into the forest. I hadn't seen Fiaga in days due to me not wanting to go out into the forest. You can't blame me, I mean Holly practically made a barrier around the castle that I couldn't go through. Not really, but she forced me away from the doors.

I ran to Fiaga's den to see her looking hopefully in my direction.

"Ana! Thank the God that you came!"

Apparently, while werewolves worshiped the Moon Goddess, foxes worshiped the Sun God.

"So you were waiting for me?"

Fiaga snorted, "For days! I have been debating with myself for days about this, but I decided I would ask."

"Ask what?" By now, I was more than confused.

"Ana," Fiaga gulped. "I would like to see if your magic can make me a fox-shifter."


Fiaga's PoV

I watched as Ana's mouth made an 'O' shape.

"Y- you want to see if I can add a human part to you?"

I shook my head. "I want you to raise mine from the dead.

"My family was a huge family of fox-shifters, but hunters killed them all off. When I was the only one left, they wouldn't kill a 'pretty face' like me, so they told me they would only kill my fox.

"I had to shift to keep them from beating me, but when they were about to inject the poison, I shifted back, making the poison kill my human form."

Ana looked shocked, "What was your human's name?"

I closed my brown eyes. They had turned the light brown of Kaytlin, my human form. My mother had the habit of naming us... different names.

I remember my original eye color. That beautiful ice blue color. I remember when I wished that I could have that color for my human eyes, but now I wouldn't really care if they only appeared sometimes in fox form, the form I had been stuck in for so long.

The clearing of a throat brought me back to the present as I realized that Ana was still waiting for an answer.

"Kaytlin. Her name was Kaytlin."

Ana sighed. "I'm just going to warn you now: I might have studied this magic for years, but its extremely difficult to preform, an the books said that you would have to shift to the new form immediately unless you wanted to loose it. Only thing is, it will feel like your first shift. It will actually hurt more then your first shift. Are you still sure you want to do this?"

I nodded, and Ana sighed again, "Tomorrow. I'll bring a towel and some clothes so you can change into something when you shift."

I did a fox smile. This was going to be good. And, maybe now, I can find my mate.


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