Chapter 7

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Ana's PoV

When the guard told me to go, I immediately went to the garden to find the prince.

He was already there when I walked up to the bench, "Are you ready?"

He looked up with a long bow in his hands. "Yes," he answered

I looked skeptically at his bow, but I didn't comment as I walked out into the forest.

"Wait here," I told him before I ran to where my hunters bow was hidden. I grabbed the arrows and put the weapons over my back. I then walked back to where the prince was waiting.

Before I showed myself, I put my brown gloves on, loving how they looked against my arms and the brown outfit I was wearing.

I had made the outfit myself. It was specially made so I could shift in it and shift back still wearing it. I had put a spell on it.

I walked into the clearing and Prince Anthony looked at my bow, "Where did you get that? This was the best hunting bow I could find in the weaponry!"

I laughed. "I made this myself," I explained. He nodded and we walked further into the forest.

I soon scented an elk, and I motioned for Anthony to stop.

"I'm going to try and bring it down, you watch what I do and be ready to take it down if I miss the throat." He nodded and I got into position before following the scent that the elk had left.

I found it in a clearing, and I put myself in the perfect position. I locked the arrow in, and I pulled the string back.

A whizzing sound was heard before the elk collapsed. The prince gasped at how 'savagely' I hunt.

I glanced at him, "I can do it a lot worse."

I then walked up to the elk and shifted before digging a huge hole and dragging the elk in it. I then kicked dirt and leaves over it and shifted back.

Prince Anthony was staring at my outfit, "How?"

I realized that he was talking about how my clothes didn't rip apart. "Oh. I made this too. It won't rip when I shift, or do anything for that matter," I explained.

He nodded and we walked farther into the forest.

I was wondering how he could not figure out that I was his mate. Well, if he saw my looks then any man in their right mind would turn tail and run.


O...kay. 'Urm, Holly? Would you mind not yelling? It can be a bit... loud.'

She grumbled and suddenly barked at me to stay still.

I looked up to find a young buck grazing. I looked back at the prince and nodded to him before shifting in case he missed.

He set up his bow, me still somewhat skeptical about how it would work, and I turned my attention to the animal.

The arrow whizzed and hit the animal in the shoulder. I growled and raced forward, smashing down on the animal's hindquarters. I snapped its neck in one bite. My wolf's beautiful silvery white pelt was now with bloody paws and muzzle.

I buried the buck before shifting back, still bloody, and turning to the prince.

He was staring at my mouth in shock. I licked my lips and yawned, "I want to go for a walk. Keep practicing, and soon you will have the one shot kill down. When you are finished, collect the others."

I shifted again and raced into the forest.

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