Chapter 14

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Anthony's PoV

When I got back to the castle after delivering the message, I was immediately met with my parents and la group of officials and a few guards. I guess a patrol found something.

My mother stopped, "Anthony! Thank Goddess you're here! Rouges were scented along the southwest border. There are a lot of them, and it looks as if they have been somewhat trained!"

I nodded, processing the info in my head as my father spoke, "Could you go with the patrol along with Nestor? Gilbert needs to stay with Lillian to calm her down. Having twins must be rough."

I nodded, "Especially with another on the way. Anyway, I'll go. Where is Nestor?"

"Right here," a voice sounded behind me. I turned around to see my brother standing in front of me.

"How was the date?"

Nestor snorted, "Another for the crown. Some of these females are not the brightest. They think that because they are my... partner, they get the crown."

I looked at him. "A simple 'Not well' would do, you know," I pointed out.

"Boys!" I turned to my father who was ahead of us. He motioned for us to hurry up, and turned away to lead the patrol forward.

I ran with Nestor to catch up, shifting into my reddish-gray wolf while he shifted into his dark gray wolf. We both had dark amber eyes, his a shade darker than mine, and we were about the same size, him just a bit bigger.

Seeing Nestor's almost black wolf reminded me of a conversation I had with my father a long time ago.


I watched as my father put the book down, his eyes tired.

"That's the last chapter for that book. Goodnight son."

He kissed my forehead, but I had a burning question, and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep without asking.

"Dad? Before you go, I have a question."

My father had sat back down on the bead with a smile, "Ask away."

I yawned, curling my tongue like a wolf. "Why is it where almost every book has the person's wolf either black or white? I haven't seen any here."

My father sighed, "Anthony, these stories aren't the same as our life. In those stories, the black or white wolf is rare, and really special. In the real world, black and white wolves aren't alive anymore. A long time ago, there was the Great Pack, one big pack that held every wolf. Back then, your wolf was either black or white.

"One day, a pack of rouges attacked. Rouges were the only wolves who didn't have black or white coloring. They had different gray colors, very light gray, extremely light gray, dark gray, normal gray, and so on. No two rouges had the same color fur.

"Anyway, when the rouges attacked, they killed the king and queen just after their son was born.

"The son was born differently, a middle gray rustic colored wolf with a darker tail. The reason for this discoloring, he was told by the survivors of the attack, was the Moon Goddess reminding them of the attack. He had been born mixed, both his parents colors mixing into one, and the rustic part was from the blood that had been spilled.

"After a while, after the mixed wolf got spread across the kingdom, the remaining black and white wolves left to become a new kingdom. They got killed off by the same rouge group.

"Now, the rest of the wolves separated according to how they worked, and the seven kingdoms were formed."

Almost the second he had finished the story, I had fallen asleep.

End of Flashback.

I followed my father as the patrol moved forward to the place the guards smelt the rouges. When we got there, I was surprised to find that they went back across the border.

I mind linked my father, 'Maybe they left...'

'Don't think too quickly,' my father answered. 'Rouges are sly creatures. I wouldn't be surprised if they're waiting to ambush us.'

He mind linked the entire patrol to watch out as they separated to see where the rouges might have gone.

Suddenly, I heard a wolf shriek.

Obviously, the entire patrol heard it too, because they all snapped their heads to the direction the sound was, ears perked.

The patrol started running towards the sound, and I suddenly smelt the sweetest smell I had ever smelt. It smelt like vanilla and honey, the best mixture ever.

I raced forward even faster due to Walker freaking out over the smell.

I finally had enough, 'What's so special about the smell?'

'What's so special? I'll tell you what's so special! MATE MATE MATE!!!'

The second he howled the words out, I ran even faster. In the back of my mind, I could hear my father calling to me, telling me to stop.

Finally, I found a little clearing. As I looked down into it, I saw two brown wolves with different colored streaks. The one that had my full attention had almost white streaks on her brown fur.


Almost immediately after I identified the wolf, another scent hit me.



The much wanted update!

If you are wondering why Anthony thought Ana was a brown wolf with almost white streaks, he is too excited to notice that its mud.

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(The picture is how the prince saw Ana(left) and Fern(right))


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