Chapter 16

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Ana's PoV

I opened my eyes, looking down at Fiaga's red fur. Her breathing was even, so I assumed she was still asleep.

I got up from my sleeping spot and slowly made my way to the exit of the den. Right before I left, I glanced back at my friend. Just then, one of her icy blue eyes shot open.

"Nice try Ana, but your not getting out of this."

I groaned. She had to have woken up right then?

"Sit your butt right back down and explain."

I sighed. There was no way out of it.

"Anthony knows my scent."

Fiaga's PoV (oh yeah!)

I stared at Ana in shock. They saw each other in their wolf forms?

"What happened? I know he's seen your wolf, so did he recognize you?"

"Well," Ana was starting to look nervous. "I was covered in mud, so I looked brown. Anyway, Fern and I were out alone at the border when some rouges came out. A patrol, including the king, Anthony, and Nestor, came out, but I was still in my wolf form.

"Anthony kept me down while the rest of the patrol took care of the rouges. He got into my mind and told me to shift. When I said no, he told me that he would carry me to the castle and make me shift there.

"I played for time, and I thought of a plan. I acted like a rouge was behind me, and he went off to find it.

"I climbed a tree after I shifted and jumped here."

I listened in shock. She defied her mate, in her wolf form?! She must've had more control than I thought she would have when the day came.

"How did Holly react to it," I asked, stretching my legs.

Ana shook her head, "Did you hear that howl last night?" I nodded, I remembered hearing something just before I fell asleep. "That was Anthony. Holly has sunken into a sort of depression that we made him that anguished."

I blinked, knowing that if I were a human I would be crying. I knew how much werewolves relied on their wolves, if Holly became really depressed, that would effect Ana. Either that, or Holly would become dormant, only accessible by people she trusted.

"Ana," I murmured, letting my tail rest on her shoulders. "I think it's time you went to him. Explained. I know you and Holly don't want to hear this, but it needs to be said. Anthony loves you. He has since he first felt the mate sparks. His wolf instinctively purrs when you enter the room he's in. He wants to be with you, he just can't put two and two together.

"Ana, every second you are away from him will kill him. He feels like he is dying. He needs his mate to survive! His wolf has probably lost all hope. I know Holly feels this, she just wants to spare your feelings. Well, that has gotten you nowhere. Here's the ugly truth:

"You are killing your mate. You are hurting him physically and emotionally. You are causing him more pain then a rejection would. You are his life, and being away from you feels like a knife at the throat."

By now, Ana was crying. I felt bad for making her cry, but it needed to be said. I moved my tail to wipe the tears off her face.

She looked up at me, her eyes full of sorrow, "How could I do this?"


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