Chapter 11

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Ana's PoV

I woke up from my sleep with the urge to go into the forest. I yawned, thanking the goddess that today was my day off, and walked downstairs.

My mother looked at me as I walked out in my hunters' outfit, and I motioned to the window. She nodded as I slipped out the door.

I didn't know what made me want to walk, but I just went with it. I decided to visit Fiaga. I hadn't seen her in a few days, so I wanted to drop by and say hello.

I followed the track I used to go to her den.

I got to the twisted oak Fiaga called home. It was a lovely place, a small clearing in the forest with a stream bordering a portion of it.

I looked around but I didn't see my animal friend. I sniffed the air, but all I caught was a stale scent. I followed it, and it gradually became fresher.

I soon spotted Fiaga, sitting in a smaller clearing, with her back to me. I let out a quiet call, knowing only she would understand it, and scared a squirrel in the process.

Fiaga looked around expectantly for me, but I heard the locking sound of an arrow snapping into place.

Without thinking, I raced out in front of Fiaga, feeling a huge bout of anger.


The person shifted and flew at me, and Holly immediately recognized him.

'Our mate!'

I screamed as he clawed my back, taking more damage because I couldn't shift. If I did, all this hiding would be for nothing.

Suddenly, the blows stopped coming. I looked up to see Fiaga holding the prince down, not hurting him but putting enough pressure to hold him down.

I could practically see his anger go away as he recognized me.

"You," he breathed.

I motioned for Fiaga to get off him, and he immediately ran to me.

'Great Goddess. Holly, go with me here.'

She responded immediately, 'Ok.'

I pretended to look scared and backed away from him. Anthony held a look of hurt and confusion before nodding in understanding. He thought that because he attacked me, I was scared of him.

Then, he turned to Fiaga. He drew out his sword and pointed it towards her.

She cowered up against a nearby tree as he advanced upon her, sword near her neck.

I screamed as he lifted it up, and he turned to me, "What?"

I swallowed, "Don't hurt her."

He gave me a curious look. "And why not," he asked as if he knew I had no answer.

This sent me over the top for some reason. "Why not? Why not?! I'll tell you why not! She is a good animal, and she saved my life and your place as a prince! How would your parents react if they knew that you killed a servant girl for saving a fox?"

He didn't look any different except for the obvious fact that he was hiding his emotions from showing in his eyes.

He opened his mouth to speak, but I cut him off, "If you touch a hair on her pelt, you will have to kill me."

Anthony looked slightly confused, as if he didn't understand something. By the zoned-out look on his face, I could tell he was talking to his wolf. He then turned to me, "I'm surprised you have the nerve to threaten me. I won't hurt her, but she had better make sure she doesn't hold me down again, or there will be punishment."

I gulped as he walked away.

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