Chapter 10

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Chapter 10! Yay!


Anthony's PoV

I sat down by a tree. I had just been chasing the servant girl, but she had probably been chasing something.

'Running from you,' Walker told me again.

I shook my head, 'She wouldn't run from me.'

'Well,' my wolf spoke in a duh voice, 'Our mate ran from you.'

'Ouch. Really low blow, Walker.'

'It needed to be said,' I imagined him shrugging, but his voice was strained. We would eventually go crazy with the need to have our mate soon.

I grumbled and looked at the fallen leaves.

I suddenly felt anger sweep over me only to be replaced by excitement. I had been having really weird feelings lately that would randomly come up.

'My mate was just feeling really angry at someone but then got really excited about something,' Walker barked to me.

I huffed, 'Our mate and who is she angry at?' I growled at the last part.

'Patience boy! I don't know, and you just ruined any chance of me figuring out,' Walker growled.

I hissed in a frustrated way. So close but so far!

'Just as long as your not mad at me.'

I growled and suddenly spotted a tuff of red fur. I decided to practice the hunting skills the servant taught me on whatever left the fur.

I followed the paw prints, it not occurring to me to check the animal because I could tell it wasn't a werewolf in the kingdom.

The prints were semi-large so I hoped it was a big animal.

I got the bow out and crouched as I realized that the prints were getting fresher. I slightly picked up the pace and ran into a bramble bush.

As I untangled myself, Walker laughed at me the entire time.

'Oh shut up.'

He only laughed harder in response so I growled at him.

Once I was completely untangled, I followed the prints again, but to my disappointment they were stale by now.

I put the bow back and stood up normally.

I then went to following the animal again but before I could, my father's voice boomed in my head.

'Anthony, where are you? It's past dinner and you aren't back! Come back now!'

I glanced up at the sky and realized that he was correct. I linked him that I was coming and I shifted and ran in the secret way to my room. I changed and went down for dinner.


After dinner, I went straight to my bed, realizing how tired I was.

Tomorrow, I vowed, I will find that animal.


I got up bright and early in the morning, writing a note saying were I was going.

I grabbed an extra pair of clothes and the bow from yesterday, making sure I had the arrows, and jogged out.

When I got to the forest, I instantly found the prints, fresher than last night but still stale.

I followed them, finally identifying them as fox, and got ready as the prints got fresher. My father would be so proud of me if I came home with the animal.

I soon saw the fox, standing strong and proud.

I drew an arrow back but made just enough noise to alert another animal.

The squirrel shot up a tree and the fox looked around expectantly.

I drew the arrow back, quieted this time, but right before I shot it, I heard a "Noooo..." and a girl flew in front of the fox.

I didn't recognize it in the mist of anger that it cost me my catch.

"Get away from here," I roared. I shifted, not knowing why anger had overcome me, and flew at the girl.


Ooh! That is one happy prince!

Not really. (take the sarcasm)

Chapter didn't take really long.

Before you ask if this was the special part I talked about in the other chapter (if you were going to ask), I'll let you keep believing that.

I have something much better planned. *rubs hands together in a satisfied way*

Short, I know. I just need a few filler chapters. Sorry.

This might be the only action you get in 3-4 chapters. Again, sorry.

But, hey, I did end on a cliffhanger!


Alright, I'm done talking.





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