Chapter 12

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Quick Author's Note:

I've been trying to word this for 30 minutes now, but I guess there's no way around it. I am so thankful for everyone who has read, voted, and commented on this book! It means a lot more to me then you probably realize, and they make any day, no matter how bad it is, my best. Thank you so much everyone, and I hope you continue to enjoy this book!


Ana's PoV

I felt Fiaga nudge me with her muzzle.

"Thank you," she spoke to me. "But you didn't have to go against your mate for me."

I was shocked, "I could never live knowing you got punished for being an animal! You have been there for me multiple times, so I need to repay the favor."

Fiaga nodded. "Okay, but don't get yourself killed because of me."

I laughed. "I don't want to get killed," I said sarcastically.

The fox rolled her eyes and stalked off.

I smiled and sat down with my back leaning up against a tree.


Anthony's PoV

I growled to myself. Why couldn't I be mad at the servant? I tried my best to be mad, but the anger wouldn't come!

I was also confused about why I felt random emotions of anger. I was worried one moment, then angry the next!

Walker kept telling me it was our mate, but I shouldn't be able to feel her emotions unless she was just outside the territory.

'My Goddess! Anthony! Use your brain, if you have one! Quoting your thought: I shouldn't be able to feel her emotions unless she was just outside the territory!'

I frowned, 'Walker, I have a brain. If she is outside territory, she could smell us before we smell her! So use your Goddess-given brain for once and stop calling me stupid!'

This wasn't a normal argument between us two. Usually, we just snapped at each other and ignored the other for the rest of the day, but this one was bigger than usual.

We were already starting to go crazy with need.


Short, I know. I just need the next chapter to be completely open. If I dragged it out, I would type something I didn't want to and publish it. If that happens then I will have to postpone the special thing, which I MIGHT be starting in the next chapter.

Maybe, maybe not.






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