Chapter 1

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I yawned and stretched as I tried to shake off the last bits of the dream.

I had been having it since I turned seventeen. It wasn't bad, but it was annoying. I would wake up and not remember a thing, only really just forgetting why I ran from my mate all those years ago.

Four years, and my wolf was getting restless.

Well, four years and a month.

I found him on my birthday.

I ran from him, on my birthday.

Servant life sucks, but I couldn't show myself. If I brought the family any lower than it was then I would have a miserable life. I knew that Prince Anthony was the second-best prince but something held me back.

The thought of rejection.

My mother coming into my room shook me from my thoughts.

"Sebastian's room, fifteen minutes," she ordered.

I grunted and got up. I put on working clothes which consisted of a creamish-gray servant dress and some dark shoes and went down for breakfast. It was Friday, so we could go out for breakfast instead of taking the castle-provided meals.

My best friend and basically sister ran out to meet me, "Ana! McD's or Chick Fil A?" Fern was jumping with excitement.

I gave her an exasperated look. "What do you think? Honestly! You've known me almost my entire life and you still ask that question?"

My parents had found Fern in a little cave, only one year old. All she remembered was her mother calling her Fern, her mother getting beaten, her mother running, her getting beaten, and her father telling her that she was worthless before whipping her and running. She was found the next day.

Fern called out in a teasingly manor. "McD's it is!"

I raced towards her, and she ducked under cover. I swerved at the last moment to avoid hitting the wall.

As Fern started laughing, I jumped at her and cornered her.

"If you really need an answer to that question, we are going to Chick Fil A." I would've thought that she had learned not to mess with me when it comes to food. I mean, everyone is dead if I don't get my daily dosage of sugar, if I don't go out on a Friday, I tend to go crazy. The neighbors always had a little something they would leave out if my parents couldn't afford to go out. They placed it twenty feet from the porch steps and come out the next day to retrieve the bowl.

Yeah, I'm a fierce wolf when it comes to food.

And, I have a 'temper to be feared'. I don't understand, but I guess since I'm really short tempered, it makes a bit of sense.

'Ana, if you don't get some food in you within five minutes, I'm going on a rampage.'

I laughed at my wolf, Holly. She always told me what to do and a certain amount of time to do it.

Holly growled, 'If you think that's funny, then I will go on this rampage.'

'Oh no! I just was remembering something from yesterday!'

She snorted, 'Sure. Now, I NEED CHICK FIL A!!'

'Alright, you fur-ball."

Around two minutes later, I was happily stuffing myself with food with Fern cracking up next to me.


She laughed harder, "Getting enough to eat there?"

I snorted, "No."

She laughed even harder as I turned to Nicholas, my older brother. "Hey, you gonna eat that," I questioned, pointing with my fork to his half eaten fries and his cookie.

He laughed and pushed his plate over to me, and I immediately ate his fries. Then, I went for the cookie, gobbling it up in two bites.

The whole family was laughing by now, Fern the hardest.

I poked her, "What's so funny?"

Holly laughed at this, 'Ana. Picture Fern stuffing food in her face.' I giggled at the thought. 'Now change Fern to you.'

I started cracking up at this while my other brother, Kyle, looked at me in a strange manor.

"Holly," was all I said before I got another plate in front of my. My eyes sparkled at the prospect of more food and everyone started laughing until the doors to the Chick Fil A opened and the royal family stepped in.

"Grab what you want and let's go," my mother ordered. Holly was howling at me to go to my mate, but I grabbed the fries and walked out, shutting out her whimpers. Truth was, I was starting to feel the loss of my mate.

I did it for my family and Fern, I reminded myself.

We arrived at the castle within a minute and we went to the rooms we had to clean out.

"Have fun in Hector's room, Fern!"

She glared at me as she went into the dreaded room.

I walked into Sebastian's room only to find it completely clean. There wasn't even a speck of dust. As I looked around for something to clean, I found a letter with the words 'The Servant Who Cleans My Room'.

I opened it and smiled at the inside.

'Dear Servant (I don't know your name),

You have always left my room in perfect condition. Today, I decided to return the favor. The other rooms are a mess, but I personally cleaned mine in my free time.

You may help the other servants or take the day off.

Take this letter.

Your Prince,



If you want to thank me, don't. I have so much more to thank you for.)'

I was a bit confused at that, but then I remember when I found things that shouldn't be in here, I never turned them in. I would write a letter saying what I did to hide them. It was never my business to search their rooms, only to clean it.

As I walked out of Sebastian's room, Fern walked out of Hector's looking relieved.

"Helga said that she would take the bathroom if I did the ball room. How is Seb's room?"

Seb is our nickname for Sebastian. We only say it among servants though.

"Read this."

I handed her the letter and she looked downright jealous.

"So lucky. Hey, can you help me?"

I nodded, and as we got to the ball room, the royal family came in. We showed them our cleaning buckets, me avoiding Prince Anthony's eyes, an the queen reminded us yet again how to treat the big rug. We nodded and shared a quick look, both of us knowing a much easier way to do that without them telling a difference.

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