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Thank you guys so much! I can officially say that I have over 150 followers, 10k reads on this, and (my favorite part) over 100k reads on The Servant Mate! I no joke love you guys! And, to thank you guys, I will do one of the following (comment which one you want):

-A book about Prince Hector, and why he REALLY changed

-A book about a male warrior wolf who finds his mate, who happens to also be a warrior wolf, just of a different pack (doesn't start out with the usual Alpha-normal thing)

-A book about a female werewolf (not sure what rank) who finds her human mate

I might to a following spree (maybe follow 25 random followers of mine), but for now, those are your choices. I have the first two with plot lines figured out, and I added the third one in because there aren't enough stories where it's a male human and a female werewolf. I'm starting on plot line for that now, though. Voting starts now.

Just saying, though, whatever story if picked will not be top priority until Wolf Fight is finished.

Anyways, thanks for all the support.


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