Chapter 13

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Anthony's PoV

I yawned as the sun glared down into my room. I threw a pillow at the button for the blinds, and they fell down quickly.

I sighed. The only thing I really hate in the morning, besides not being able to wake up next to my mate, is the sun 'smiling' down on me.

"Gah! I hate mornings," I mumbled as the blinds fell off the window and the sun lit up the room again.

I threw off my covers and took a quick shower, changing into normal clothes and walking out of my room for breakfast.

I sat down at my spot to see that it was a nice sized amount of food. I picked up my fork and started gobbling it down, thankful that my parents were asleep. If they weren't, let's just say I would have a lecture about 'manors' and 'princely behavior'.

I finished quickly and walked out the castle doors. Most people would still be asleep, but the 'oh so happy' sun decided to wake me up.

I growled. I really hated Hector now. He would put the blinds up on my only day of rest and let the sun wake me up. I really needed to get back at him.

I walked through the forest, making sure that I kept clear of the fox tracks, and stopped by the place the stream fanned out to the Delta Wolf. My great granfather's great grandfather (great great great grandfather I think) had been exploring new places to expand the city. Later that day, he had come home with his mate. It still confused me.

The delta was an amazing place for concentration. I came here every day. The grass here was a beautiful green color, the water was crystal clear that got darker as it got closer to the sea.

I suddenly heard a scream, and the first thing I thought was how I needed to get to the person. I nearly shifted, but I decided that it would be hard to help if I had no clothes to shift back into, so I used my werewolf speed to run there quickly.

I slowed to a stop when I saw the servant girl playing in the water with some older guys. They were picking her up out of the water and throwing her back in. I couldn't see her expression, but the guys were laughing really hard.

I don't know why, but I felt a surge of jealousy and anger at the guys. They were laughing at the girl and throwing her. That is not how men treated women!

My wolf nearly came out when she resurfaced, laughing, with a look of joy on her face. I sighed with relief that the men weren't hurting her, but my jealousy didn't go down one bit.

"Hey Ana! You ready to go half-way to the farthest island?"

'Ana,' Walker purred.

I was confused, 'What's so special about her?'

'I don't know,' he answered. 'I just think that name is perfect. Bu-' He stopped talking when we heard a scream quickly followed by a splash.

I snapped my head back to the water with a growl. I looked around the guys, but Ana wasn't there. I was about to let Walker out, but she resurfaced.

"I. Will. Kill. You."

She screamed and swam towards one guy, the same one who asked her if she wanted to be thrown again, and tackled him, pushing him below the water for a second. Then, she zoomed away as the guy came back up, jumping to the spot where she was.

I heard her laugh a few yards from him. "You might be stronger, but you will never be faster than m-" She was cut off mid-sentence as another guy came up behind her and threw her the other direction.

She landed in another guy's arms, and they picked her up by her waist. I growled again. I felt extremely jealous now, and I had no idea why.

The next thing I knew, I was walking up to them.

They all stopped what they were doing and bowed their heads.

I turned to the girl. "Do you know these guys?"

She nodded. "These are my brothers. Kyle, Logan, Nicholas, Ryan, David, William, Joe, and Jack."

They all nodded when she said their name, and I felt my jealousy go down a lot.

I nodded to them and turned my attention back to the girl, "I would just like to inform you that the guard on the kitchen is gone. You will have to go back to Sebastian's room again."

She nodded and I left.


Ana's PoV

When I got home after swimming, I dried off and started to send my mind to Fern, not knowing weather her mate had marked her yet. I sighed with relief at her extremely bored answer, 'Yes? I don't need anymore tea, and I'm not too cold. Or anything like that. I'm perfectly fine.'

I chuckled at the greeting, 'Sounds like someone is bored out of their mind!'

I could practically feel her perk up, which made me laugh harder.

'Ana! Where have you been?! You haven't mind linked me since Dylan told you to tell me to not leave!'

'Sorry,' I answered. 'I wanted to leave you two in peace. Although, I was quite worried that he had marked you, so that I would have to go through him to talk to you. Even then, he would still listen in.'

I heard Fern sigh, 'Yeah, but I think if he marked me I might have more freedom, because I would be able to leave without having 20 guards on my tail.'

I shuddered. 'Fern, if its that bad with an officer, imagine with a future king!'

Fern groaned, 'I don't want to. I feel so sorry for you.'

'I know.'

'Hey,' she suddenly sounded excited, 'Want to sneak out of the castle? Just walk around? Maybe talk to Fiaga?'

'As long as I don't get in trouble, I'm in!'

A few minutes later, we were both outside, racing each other and having fun. We didn't even realize where we were until a blast of our kingdom's scent hit us. I glanced a Fern, we had reached the end of the territory.

I didn't even realize my fur was covered in mud! I looked like a brown wolf! I must have shifted during the run.

Suddenly, a big group of dark gray wolves slinked out of the shadows. I glanced at Fern's also mud-coated wolf with shock.



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