Chapter 18

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Ana's PoV

I went back to the castle soon after Fiaga was done speaking. She was right, I was killing my mate.

I had decided to write a letter, putting his intelligence to the test. The letter would have to give just enough information to find out that I wasn't a rouge, and it would help him out when guessing who his mate is.

I made sure to include a few times that we won't forget.

So, I pulled out a piece if paper and started writing.

Dear My Lovely Mate Anthony,

I am so sorry for running. My red furred friend showed me that my fear got the better of me, and my want to keep my family's rank stable made me desperate. They are too low ranked to survive a rejection.

Getting that out of the way, I can't help but laugh when I remember the day you got jealous of my brothers. If I ever feel bad, my wolf reminds me of that day.

Also, I think my anger got to you when you tried to hurt a friend of mine, the same one who showed me the light about how much we needed each other. Thank you for steering clear of her now.

Also, you need to get better aim. I saw the way you hunted!

I've been with you the entire time. You've been next to me a lot recently.

Just giving you a little help.


Your Mate

I stared down at the paper and started tweaking it so that everything flowed into each other. I still mentioned everything, I just made it less jerky.

I went out to clean. Just because I had just go back from a very depressing... moment, didn't mean I escaped my duties. Anyway, it gave me the perfect chance to deliver my letter.

I knew that the entire royal family was in the meeting hall, discussing the missing mate, so I could slip in, deliver the message, and slip out to Seb's room.

I quietly opened the door, and I ran to Anthony's bed. I didn't even turn the lights on as I gently placed the letter where he would see it on his black covers.

I then ran out of the room and closed the door, making it seem like I had never been in there. I raced to Seb's room and started cleaning, finishing in record time. I then slipped out of that part of the castle and getting back to my room quickly.


I nearly banged my head on the metal bars holding up the top bunk at the sound of Fern's voice.

'Fern! What happened when you showed who you were?'

I could hear her yawn through the link, 'The king had a guard escort me back, and then I almost got forcefully marked by Dylan. I'm seriously to the point where I'm moving back down with you. Anyway, what I really want to know is, where are you? Did you get caught?'

Holly howled in despair at the thought of how close she was to being happy. She was still very depressed, but I managed to help lift her spirits a bit. 'I'm in my own room, and Anthony has no idea.'

'Wow Ana! You must be really powerful if you can stop your wolf from jumping into his arms!'

'I don't know...'

Fern went quiet, I could tell she was having a conversation with someone else, because she let me have enough room to hear the voices.

"Fern! Who are you talking to?"

Found Dylan...

"Do I have to tell you every single thing I do now?"

And there's the Fern I know. Always ready with her short temper.


Oh Goddess no! If Dylan was that bad... He was the lowest ranking officer, and extremely possessive of his mate.

I had to deal with Anthony.

Let the moon save me.


I got back from the meeting with a frown. My mate couldn't have just disappeared! She couldn't have!

As I went to my bed, I noticed an envelope on my bed, addressed to MY MATE ANTHONY?!?!?!?!


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