Chapter 17

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Anthony's PoV

I had slept on that cliff, knowing that in the back of my mind I wanted to roll off while sleeping. Of course, wish not granted.

I had come back to the castle to see the patrol, including Nestor, Gilbert, and Seb, was going out again. I had heard them earlier, they looked for my mate very loudly, and I was glad they still went out to look.

Hector had offered to go with them, but my mother had protested, saying she needed one of her sons to stay. He had changed a lot, it turned out that Seb hanging out with him changed his attitude and made him a strong, caring, selfless man. When my father told him that he might be king, he put his kingdom's needs in front of his wants, saying Seb would be the better choice after me.

The entire journey home, I had been trying to communicate with Walker. I knew what it meant if he wasn't speaking. He was becoming depressed, sad, an angry at how he couldn't find out why our mate was running.

Thankfully, he hadn't stopped me from shifting. That would mean he had lost all hope of finding her. It would be torture.

I let a tear fall down my cheek. It was the first time I had cried since that terrible night four torturous years ago.

She was running from me.

I had to face it, she didn't want to be with me. Either that, or something was making her want to stay away.

More tears slipped down my face, and I let out a silent sob. I loved her! I wanted her by my side all the time! I needed her! I wanted her so badly, it was killing me! She was my everything! When I first felt her skin, I wanted to hug her. I wanted to love her. I wanted to hold her in my arms and never let her go! I've wanted to call her something other than 'her' since I felt her.

I've wanted to tell her how much I loved her.

My cheeks were wet with tears by now, knowing I might never get to do any of that.

I let my back fall and my head hit my pillow.

After that, I was out like a light.


Fern's PoV (finally!)

Dylan looked at me again, and I could tell he was close to letting his wolf take over.

"Sweetheart, how many times do I have to tell you, you may NOT leave the castle without my permission! Even then, you have to have guards with you!"

I growled, "I'm no prisoner! You can't keep me here forever! And I am sick and tired of you telling me that I can't do as I please! You know what? I liked it more when I was a servant, and not with you!"

Dylan's eyes turned pitch black, blacker than the night.

Hello wolf.

"What did you say," Jacob, Dylan's wolf, growled at me.

I all but flinched, "I said, I liked it better before I found out you were my mate!"

I watched as Jacob's eyes filled with... ideas?

"Well, let me change that thought," he said, making me wonder what he meant. Just then, I saw his teeth lengthen into fangs, and he looked at my neck.

Oh Goddess, he's going to mark me!

Jacob walked closer, trapping me between him and the wall. He already knew my sweet spot, where his mark would go, so he immediately went for it.

The second he got close, I turned my head and slapped him.

"Jacob," I growled, letting Katrina, my wolf, take over. "Stop this now, or I will leave you and not look back."

He only growled at me and tried again. This time, I slapped him, and I kicked him.

"That's it," I cried, throwing my hands up. "I'm leaving!"

I got away from him and grabbed my bag, throwing everything that was mine in the room in it.

Dylan seemed to realize what was going on, because he took control back and stared at me.

"You're l- leaving," he chocked out. At my nod, he let out a sob, "Please! Fern, please don't leave me!"

I turned to him, hoping no pity was seeping into my eyes, and growled, "Then treat me like an equal!"

He nodded. "I will, just please don't go. Im sorry for trying to mark you before you wanted to!"

I smiled, "Apology accepted."

That was one thing I didn't like about the mating bond. You could never be mad at your mate.


Yay! Chapter finally finished!

I nearly cried writing Anthony's part, and nearly broke something while writing Fern's.

Anyway, I have figured out how I'm going to have Anthony meet Ana, and Fiaga may or may not have a mate.

Wait for the epilogue.

Speaking of the epilogue, the book shall be ending soon. But hey, I might do a sequel! If I did though, it would be set into the future, where humans are mentioned more often. Also, there will be a few different things, such as the common werewolf book pack and its rankings.

Only, they might not be mentioned too often.

Anyway, you'll find out.


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