Chapter 4

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I yawned as I fixed the floor of the ballroom for the fifth time. I couldn't leave the room, unless someone else could cover me.

This had happened for three days, and I was getting tired of it.

I hadn't donated at all, and I told Fern not to either.

I scrubbed the spot until it sparkled, and when I finished, a palace guard came up to me.

"Anyone donated?"

I shook my head no, and he growled. He motioned for me to go, and I ran out to the forest, linking Fern to meet me there.

'Can't come, Ana. I can't leave the castle unless someone watches me.' I was confused.

'Fine, but meet me by the doors to the garden.'

I ran back to the palace and got to the spot to see Fern waiting there.

"Why can't you leave?"

Fern had a look of happiness on her face, "Protective mates will force you to do anything."

My mouth dropped to the floor. "You. Found. Your. Mate. Oh my god! Who is it?"

"Officer Dylan."

My eyes widened, and I was sure a person could walk into my mouth it had dropped so low.

To say I was speechless was an understatement. I was overjoyed, but I was shocked that she had found her mate.

'Well, you found yours a long time ago, but you didn't stay with him,' Holly barked at me.

'Oh shut up. This is Fern's moment,' I growled back.

"I'm so happy for you," I said, holding hands with my best friend.

She smiled, "Thanks!"

Just then, she was pulled away from me. I looked up to see Officer Dylan holding a very embarrassed Fern. I laughed at her expression, and she glared at me. I put my hands up in mock surrender.

As the officer was about to speak, he suddenly closed his mouth. I looked at Fern questioningly.

She shrugged, 'Probably the king and queen or a prince. They must know he found his mate by now. Also, what was so funny?'

'Your face.'

"Fern, we have to go. The king and queen will up your family's and your status to match mine."

She looked away from her mate, "My only family are the Ga'Raiths. My parents left me."

Officer Dylan looked at me sadly, "Sorry then, the king and queen can only up the status of blood kin."

I nodded and walked away.

I walked outside to the place where I kept my bow hidden. I put my hunting gloves on and went out into the forest.

I managed to find a huge buck, its antlers the biggest I'd ever seen.

I shot it down, and I dragged it to the house. I kept looking over my shoulder to ask Fern something, but I always had to remind myself that she wasn't there, and probably wouldn't be there at all after today.

I frowned. I was happy for Fern, don't get me wrong, but I was already missing her. She wouldn't have as many freedoms as me, because no one really cares if a slave dies. If an officer's mate died, there would be chaos in the castle.

I dropped the meat off in the extra freezer we had an set the xBox up. During the yearly auction, my brothers had put all their tickets into it, but I got it and a few games of my choice. One of them, Skyrim (<3), was on top of the game stack. I play it almost every day.

As I got on, I remembered Fern asking why I liked that game. I would always shake my head and ask her how she could not like it.

I continued on my quest, smashing the head of a Forsworn who had gotten in my way.

I felt like I was being watched out of game, so I paused and looked around.

I glanced around some more before consulting Holly.

'Do you feel that?'

'Yeah,' she answered. 'We are being watched. No one bad is watching, but still. I can't quite put my paw on it.'

I saved the game and closed out before getting up and looking around again.

There was knocking at the door, and I went to it and opened it. I saw the Middle Prince and immediately became wary.

"Your Highness," I said, bowing.

He looked me straight in the eye, "Enough hiding."

I stared at him in shock. Did he find out I was his mate?

"I saw you bring that buck in here. Do you donate to the kitchen?"

Phew, I thought to myself. "No, your highness. You may look through the fridge, I store all of my meat there."

The prince walked in and looked through the fridge.

He nodded and said, "Most servants would jump at the chance to have a higher status. Why don't you?"

"I believe that I will get higher status for a reason, not for lying."

The prince looked at me and said, "Good. Now, do you hunt all of this?" I nodded, and he continued, "Then will you teach me how to hunt?"


Sorry for any non-Skyrim people. I love it.

You might hear a few other games, such as Call of Duty, Skate 2, and Modern Warfare. I don't play these, but my brothers do, so I watch them.






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