Chapter 8

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Ana's PoV

I shifted back out of sight, my dark hair waving in the wind.

I knew that Holly was yelling at me the entire time, so I had tuned her out early.

The prince was following me for a bit. I was so freaked out.

I was lucky that I could tell when he shifted. If not, he would've found out I was his mate. My smell would have been impossible to resist if I was in wolf form with him and our scents crossed paths.

Right before he shifted, I would morph into the opposite animal before finally losing him.

I was gasping by the time I had gotten far enough away. I sat down at the base of a tree, leaning my back against the rough bark.

Holly finally broke through the wall I had put up. 'You stupid idiot! We could be happily with our mate but no! You decided to run again! Soon, you won't be able to hold me back!'

I shut her out again and continued walking.

About an hour later, Holly calmed down and after a very long explanation, she finally understood why I ran. After some convincing, I managed to get her to agree to not go to him if he called.

When I got to the castle, the prince obviously had already gotten there first.

'Holly, can you point me to the secret entrance?'

After a bark of yes in response, I slowly let her take over. She ran to the leaf-covered entrance and ran into the servant quarters.

She let me back in control and I thanked her for not going to Anthony.

'What? That was Fern's mate back there. I thought you just didn't want to deal with him.'

I sighed. Whoops.

'Yeah, that's right whoops. I say you go back there and deal with him quickly.'

I sighed again and left the castle before going back in through the main doors. Instantly, I was met by Officer Dylan. He had an expressionless face.

"Is this about Fern at all," at the sound of his mate's name, Dylan snapped his head to me.

He growled slightly, "I need you to tell her that she can't go out of my sight unless she is with another officer or royal. She doesn't understand it from me, so you need to tell her." He sounded unhappy that he had to ask a servant for help.

'Fern,' I mind linked my friend.

'If you are going to tell me to not go anywhere unless someone is with me, don't waste your time.'

I sighed, 'Why doesn't he want you to go?'

I heard a sneer in Fern's voice, 'He's worried that another male will take me from him.' I chuckled slightly at this.

'With your looks,' I teased.

'Ow! Wow Ana! That really hurt! Anyway, back on topic. Yes, with my looks. I can't have any privacy!'

'Lie. He may be your mate but I've lied to mine many times. Say that you understand, but still go out without someone,' I told her, 'Plus, if something happens, you can mind link me only and tell me where you are.'

She sighed through the line, 'Fine. Oh, and by the way I really miss you. I'm not allowed to visit, again for fear of some male will take me.'

I sighed and ended the link.

"Well? What did she say?"

I looked up and smiled, "Ask Fern."

He ran to their room and I walked to the servant quarters.

As I walked into the family 'house', I immediately noticed Kyle on the xBox. Playing Skyrim. On my account.

"Just what do you think you're doing?"

Kyle looked up and gulped. Yeah, that's right. Be scared. In addition to not getting between me and my food, you never, I repeat never, get between me and my Skyrim.

"Urm," he stuttered, "I'm playing Skyrim?"

I glared at the dead man in front of me. "I have eyes you know."

He looked around the room, and his eyes landed on the microwave that was about to go off.


Kyle leapt up and got the plate out.

"I was hoping you would come home right when this got out, but you didn't so I was really worried you would kill me before I could give you this," he stated.

I gasped at what was on the plate. "No..." I breathed.

So. Much. Cake.

Yellow cake with chocolate icing, chocolate lava cake, wedding cake sized pound cake, basically anything you can think of.

"Yes," Kyle told me. "All yours too if you let me play for the rest of today."

I nodded, "Just save often and don't reset it."

Kyle made a victory dance and I practically leaped to the cakes.

The biggest cake, which was bigger than the pound cake, was gone within 15 seconds.

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