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Getting used to living on a strange castle ship with five people he barely knew plus Shiro took a lot of adjusting for Keith. Most people, like Lance or Hunk, would be growing accustomed to the silence and the largeness of the castle. Keith briefly remembered them talking about how hard it was to fall asleep without the familiar chatter of their large families, though he hadn't been involved in that conversation, more so just listening in at dinner.

It was the opposite for Keith. He had been isolated in the desert for a year with only himself for company, so growing accustomed to actually living with people (and lively, touchy ones at that) took a lot of his energy and a lot more stepping out of his comfort zone.

Of course Shiro had noticed, he always did, so he hadn't gotten onto Keith when he left just a little earlier than the others at meals or during activities, but of course, in doing so, he had gained the 'lone wolf' appearance to the others.

It took a while to grow a relationship with them, but after the first few weeks, bonds had been built. Hunk had been cooking food for them after their recent victory when he claimed that he needed a taste tester, though no one besides Keith was in the room.

"Hey man?" He asked nervously, twiddling his thumbs like a child. Keith had raised an eyebrow, not understanding at the time why Hunk seemed nervous, "do you mind tasting this?"

And Keith really didn't mind, because Hunk's cooking was the best he had tasted in years, and he must have said as much after putting the spoon in his mouth and Hunk practically melted at the praise. The yellow paladin had clapped him on the back warmly, and Keith didn't reflexively back away.

"Man, you aren't so bad afterall!"

And after that, Keith had become his unofficial taste tester.

Next had been the Alteans. The other paladins were separated, out doing their own things, and apparently Coran and Allura needed help setting up for something. He didn't understand why they needed him to help with the castle since Hunk and Pidge were the experts, but he simply shrugged and handed them tools when they asked him.

"You're a quiet one, aren't you?" Coran asked, and Keith didn't think he was a quiet person, he just didn't have anything to say at the moment.

"I guess I'm just not a small talk kind of guy," he admitted tensley, waiting for Coran to wave him away and claim that if he wasn't going to socialize then he could skedaddle. Instead, the man smiled, crows feet bending at the corners of his eyes in a warm way.

"I understand that number four, I'm sure escaping the loudness of the other Paladins here with us is much easier for you."

Keith felt his muscles relaxing after a while of peacefully passing on the tools, and when they were finished, Allura was the one to smile at him.

"You can come by and help us anytime, Keith."

He had swallowed down the lump in his throat, of someone openly welcoming him, and continued on with his day as if nothing happened.

Pidge had been similar. Keith had noticed that she got cranky often when being around the others too much, a loud introvert. He had stumbled across her working on her lion, and when she waved him in to grab something she couldn't reach, she patted a space on the floor next to her.

He awkwardly sat, watching her fingers fly across the keyboard. He was about to open his mouth to ask just why she wanted him here when she answered for him.

"Don't think I notice how you act. You try your best to socialize, but when in a controlled environment with one or two people, you really start to act yourself." She adjusted the glasses on her nose, "so tell me while the others aren't interrupting you, what happened on your side of the mission today?"

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