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The Best Klance Fanfictions by OshaLune
The Best Klance Fanfictionsby Acse
Tired looking around for the best fanfictions? Well this book has all of them! All KL pre-read and chosen by me~! Happy reading lovies
Voltron oneshots- (Keith centric)  by BlowingYourMind
Voltron oneshots- (Keith centric) by BlowingYourMind
A load of Kangst, whump, sickfics, and fluff between Keith and the other paladins. Some Klance, request are open.
Voltron x Reader; Preferences and Oneshots by joonietoonie_
Voltron x Reader; Preferences and...by juniper
{Cover art; @ikumaru on Instagram} Here, you will find your: ☄︎Preferences ☄︎X Readers ☄︎Occasional Scenarios Things to know: ☫No smut/lemons here, move along (Nothing w...
Voltron x Reader : One Shots (requests are closed sorry) by PANvolleyballs
Voltron x Reader : One Shots (requ...by Moose
Voltron x Reader one shots (or imagines whatever you prefer to call them)! Requests open! I'm relatively new to writing with Wattpad, but I'll try my best! Thanks for ch...
𝐯𝐨𝐥𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐧 𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬 by cowcreamery
𝐯𝐨𝐥𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐧 𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬by cowcreamery
once again it's in the title loves 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
"I say Vol, you say tron!" by Just-Lyn
"I say Vol, you say tron!"by Disappointment
Thanks for clicking on my book my dudes! I highly suggest you click that read button up there. Suggestions/requests are appreciated! This is a multi book of Voltron Le...
Voltron Oneshots by Awkward_Tomato
Voltron Oneshotsby Awkward_Tomato •3•
These are honestly gonna be focused on Lance. I wrote these when I was like 12/13, so there will most likely be quite a few mistakes lol This book was really just a ven...
Langst: One Shots by MeelzOnWheels
Langst: One Shotsby MeelzOnWheels
So this is going to become a big thing of little one shots that I do. Here is where I'll post those little fics.
klangst one shots by kazika6
klangst one shotsby kazika6
Klangsty one shots because I'm an angsty child. Warning: CONTAINS ANGST AND FEELS AND TRIGGERING STUFF. Featuring: Langst Kangst Klangst Death and doom etc. Read bear...
Klance oneshots / mini stories by Fangirlrammblewriter
Klance oneshots / mini storiesby Fangirlrammblewriter
Just the normal everyone sees.Mini stories and oneshots of the best people ever. Some are for mature audiences. klance klangst Langst Shance Lancelot
Voltron  Oneshots by chezburgerpls
Voltron Oneshotsby chezburgerpls
I don't know why this story is still being supported since I discontinued it but thank you
Plance Oneshots 💚💙 by plutomose
Plance Oneshots 💚💙by AJ
HEY! I love Plance, you do too eh? Read these oneshots to water your Plance ;) (Since there was no PIE in s8) cover art by purpleneutring
Voltron One Shots by twentyonesodas
Voltron One Shotsby daisy
PLEASE READ➡️Disclaimer!!!! I wrote these in middle school and stopped writing after around season 4 or 5. THEREFORE, anything canon after season 5 (ex. Shiro's sexualit...
voltron x reader oneshots! by sailoryuki
voltron x reader oneshots!by jen
requests: open! - the title is self explanitory~ i hope you guys enjoy. - disclaimer: i do not own any of these characters, art, etc. all credit goes to original owner a...
Voltron Oneshots  by JaxRidge
Voltron Oneshots by Jay
Just oneshots of my favorite boys. Will have ships such as klance sheith Shance shklance Some trigger warnings Enjoy
Klance Oneshots-I Don't  Think I Even Could Forget You by -Jaspisss-
Klance Oneshots-I Don't Think I E...by -Jaspisss-
(Sequel to [Klance Oneshots-Don't Forget Me]) In the cannon universe, Lance and Keith may not have ended up together. But, why not drown in the sweet-to the not-so-sweet...
Langst One-Shots (Discontinued) by lilbrey_
Langst One-Shots (Discontinued)by Lilbrey
Did someone say Langst? No? Well to bad ;) WARNING!! Trigger warning; Depression, self esteem issues, major character death, and just sadness in general. I am avoiding s...
Lance McClain One Shots: Klance, Shance, Allurance etc. by LilithLucille
Lance McClain One Shots: Klance, S...by Pixie Lucille
this is my Lance ship book, DM me a Lance x /character/ request or even a Lance x /reader/ request and I will do it as soon as possible. - Klance Shance Shklance Al...
🪐Voltron one shots🪐 by Dreamland-666
🪐Voltron one shots🪐by Dreamland 666
Voltron one shots based on previous month writing prompts. WARNINGS- Some one shots may include triggering topics or sumt so read with caution. All smut chapters will...
Klance oneshots  by obriensbae
Klance oneshots by obriensbae
Random Klance stuff that I think of and you guys request