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Everyone was eating the lunch Hunk made happily because Coran didn't serve them space goo this time. Keith set his spoon down, not needing anymore food, he got up to place his plate in the Altean equivalent of a sink.

Before he could turn away to walk to his room, he spotted something on the wall right next to him. He leaned in closer to see what it was. Keith let out an audible gasp. It's harry eight legs moved up the wall, it's black beady eyes stared into his soul menacingly.

Keith let out a high pitched squeal as he stumbled back, backpedaling into the counter and falling on his butt. He shivered uncontrollably, tears pricked at the edges of his vision, the feeling of immediate doom washed over him.

"Keith! Are you okay?" Hunk asked, concern laced in his voice. Shiro ran to Keith and helped him up, he tried to pull Keith to his chair, but the red paladin wouldn't budge.

"What is wrong?" Allura was more confused then concerned.

Lance then started laughing from the other side of the room, where Keith found the spider. "D-dude" he breathed desperately for air "that- that was just a s-spider!" He exclaimed, laughing hysterically.

Keith's bottom lip trembled, Pidge and Shiro gave Lance a look saying shut your mouth.

"Im- I'm out of here" Keith sniffed, his voice cracking.

"He has bad Arachnophobia, I wouldn't laugh if you had that kind of fear, and I'm sure he wouldn't either, you owe Keith an apology." Shiro ordered. Lance looked down in shame, he knew he shouldn't have laughed at Keith, and that was his mistake. He was more than willing to fix it.

He walked to Keith's room, knocking on the door. He could hear Keith hiding sobs and his heart broke. "G-go away Shiro!" Keith cried.

"it's not Shiro, it's Lance."

"Why are you here, to make fun of me again?" 

"No look, I'm sorry. I guess I'm jealous you have such a common fear." Lance admitted .

There was a beat of silence "What do you mean?"

"My fear is embarrassing, more than a fear of spiders."  Lance was blushing on the other side of the door in embarrassment . A second later the door slid open, revealing Keith's red rimmed eyes, with red splotchy skin from crying.

Lance pulled him into a hug, Keith awkwardly patted his back. After that they both walked in and sat on either side of Keith's bed. "So... What exactly is your fear?" Keith eyes Lance's now pail face.

"Well, it's a little embarrassing since I'm the blue paladin and I'm supposed to like all sea life, but I really really really hate..." Lance waited a second, Keith looking at him expectantly.

"Come on, tell me." Keith elbowed the Cuban teen.

"Crabs. I hate crabs. There. Especially the giant snow crab or the Japanese spider crab. I'm terrified of them, even the smallest ones."

Keith grinned, but didn't laugh at his face "yeah, agreed. Crabs are probably one of the second animal that scare me the most."

Lance looked up to Keith "really? Your not laughing?"

Keith raised an eyebrow "no, why would I be? Crabs, especially the giant ones. They are basically giant spiders with armor."

Lance snorted, appreciating that Keith wasn't laughing at him like he did. "But seriously dude, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have laughed."

"It's okay, your glad I don't hold grudges, apology accepted."


But little did they know, the other paladins were looking at a live video feed from the red paladins room. "Spiders... With armor?" Pidge was astounded at the comparison.

Shiro shook his head, a smile gracing his lips.

"Of course Keith would say that."

But I am legit afraid of crabs, is there even a name for that? I end up crying if I see one.

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