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Times Keith sleepwalks, and times Shiro saves him.


Shiro thought that Keith had gotten out of the nocturnal habit when he was way younger, but apparently  stress has been effecting Keith. That's what Shiro figured bought back Keith's sleepwalking.

He found out when he was doing his nightly rounds to check on the paladins. He grew a little weary when he found out that Keith wasn't in his room, but he brushed it off and went to look in the training deck.

Shiro came through the training deck door, guns loaded,  ready to scold Keith about taking care of himself. But quickly stepped back, confused. Keith was in the training room, but he wasn't training, instead his back was facing Shiro, his head downward.

Then Keith took a few shaky steps foward, and narrowly avoided running into the wall when he turned around. Shiro knew that Keith was sleepwalking the moment he saw his glazed violet eyes staring right through him.

Shiro approached quietly, grabbing Keith's bayard out of his hands. "Come on buddy" he coaxed "Let's go to bed." He gently lead Keith by the elbow to his room, Keith followed almost mechanical like.

When they got to Keiths room, the red paladin collapsed to his bed. Shiro let out a surprised chuckle and left the room, door sliding shut behind him. Looks like old habits die hard.

The team

The five paladins and two Alteans were having a movie night, it took a lot of explaining and begging, but they somehow acquired a T.V and a movie. Keith was exhausted from training earlier that day, so he passed out rather quickly on Shiros shoulder.

Keith was a restless sleeper so he tossed and turned, but Shiro just let him, the rest of the team didn't even notice, being to engrossed in the movie.

But their attention was averted from the movie when Keith sat up ramrod straight. He slowly stood up and just looked down. Pidge quickly paused the movie.

"Umm, Keith is their something you would like to say?" Allura asked.

She got no response.

Keith just stared dead ahead.

"Hello mullet? Get away from the T.V. Were trying to watch a movie." Lance said, annoyed.


"Keith are you ignoring us?" Alluras tone twisted to ignorance. Keith sluggishly walked past the T.V, and to the hallway. Pidge was cracking up, she already found out what was happening with Keith. Shiro quickly sprang from his seat, running to Keith and grabbing the boys elbow.

"I want taco bell." Keith muttered lethargically. The team, not including Shiro and Pidge, gave Keith a strange look. "Oh, so we're talking today, bud?" Shiro grinned, leading Keith back to the couch.

"What did I just see? " Lance furiously rubbed his eyes.

"Sorry guys, he does that sometimes." Shiro said sitting down once Keith was sat back on the couch.

" He gets possessed? " Coran sounded genuinely frightened. Pidge, Shiro, and Hunk let out giggles.

"He wasn't possessed Coran" Hunk started, catching his breath.

"He was simply sleepwalking." Pidge concluded.

"What is Sleepwalking? " the word sounded foreign on Allura's tongue.

"It is when the brain is in a half asleep state, but vaguely aware. It can cause people to get up out of bed and walk around while half asleep, there were even some reported cases of some people sleep driving, but we'll get to that later. It usually occurs to 5-10 year olds, but they outgrow it, then why does Keith still sleepwalk?..."

"Thanks Pidge" Shiro cut in. " I'm sure Coran and Allura are well informed now. "

Lance was just as confused as the two Alteans in the room, being reduced to the word "wha?"

Bonus: Lance

Lance just tightened his bathrobe around himself as he strode out to the kitchen. It was in the middle of the night, what they assumed was night, and he was hungry.He turned the corner, completely surprised to find Keith opening the Altean equivalent of a fridge.

Keith slowly grabbed the milk ( A\N: thanks Kalteneker.) And got the jug out of the fridge. Lance watched, astounded as Keith got a bowl and filled it up with the liquid until it overflowed onto the counter top.

Lance quickly intervened, grabbing the jug out of Keith's hands and throwing it back  in the fridge. Keith just stood in the same place, looking with unseeing eyes.

"M' drink" he whined half halfheartedly.

Lance chuckled, gently grabbing the red paladins shoulders, remembering what Shiro did when the group had movie night. "It's okay red, I'll get you some in the morning, okay?"

"morni'n." Keith echoed.

Keith fell on his bed, Lance pulling the covers up to the other males chin.

"Tha'ns Lance." Keith mummered.

"No problem Keith."

Little did they know that the red paladins sleep walking wold be a reoccurring thing.

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