Contacts And Glasses

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Keith sighed in frustration as he threw the now useless empty box of contacts in the trash can by his bed. He figured he would have enough contacts to last at least a few more days, he would have carried more around if he knew he was going to be spending time in space.

The red paladin growled angrily himself, he knew he was going to run out anyways. He sat on his bed, observing his now blurry surroundings. Colors seemed to merge together, making it difficult to distinguish an object and it's outline.

He got up to his feet, deciding he could last at least a day without his contacts or glasses.

He was wrong.

As soon as he exited his room, he was met with the color white and some blue blurred together. He closed his eyes tightly to remove the surprise of the light, compared to his room, this was a heaven.

He made his way down the hallway, he could tell where the wall was and some of his team mates doors, so he would like to think that his vision problems weren't that bad.

But they were terrible.

All of a sudden a force hit him in the chest, sending him crashing to the floor. He scrambled to his feet, starting to walk again, that was until he tripped over something, tumbling to the floor again.

He hated how his senses weren't at his top so he wasn't fully alert of what was going on around him.

"Keith? Out of all people I expected Lance to trip over me." Someone snorted.

Keith pulled himself up off of the floor once again, straining his eyes to find where Pidge was. He spotted a familiar green tent blending in with the white. "Yeah..." Keith trailed off.

"We have training today, but I figured you would know that." The silhouette of the green paladin stood up, walking down the hallway to the training deck.

Keith wasn't aware that they had training today, and cursed his bad luck. He followed behind Pidge down the halls to the training deck.

Does Shiro know? Keith thought. He wasn't even sure if he told him about his vision problems in the Garrison. He decided not to take his chances, he would power through his vision when training, but it all depends on what kind of training they were doing.

The form of Pidge turned to the right, so Keith assumed that they entered the training deck. "Hey guys" she greeted the team.

"Sup short stack" the form of Lance leaned on Pidge's shoulders. Pidge looked like she elbowed Lance on the ribs, much to Keith's pleasure. His vision was getting better little by little, he could see the colors of each paladin, but most were still blended together.

"Hello Keith, ready for training?" A voice sounded form behind him, then a hand was placed on his shoulder. Keith flinched a little in surprise, but nodded, then cursed himself again for acting out of the normal. "Are you okay?" The hand on Keith's shoulder removed itself, Keith could feel Shiro's worried gaze.

"Yeah, I'm fine, let's just get to training." He answered, luckily he had his armor on, it would be weird if he was training with his normal cloths on.

"Okay team! Gather up" Shiro called.

Keith could hear the footsteps of his team draw closer to make a circle around Shiro, like a team huddle. "We will doing our specialties and what were good at today, and tomorrow we will be practicing the things we are not as good at to sharpen up our skills."

Keith nodded along with the rest of the team, or he hoped the others nodded with him.

"Lance, you and Hunk get to shoot at the targets. Pidge, you will use your weapon to shock, but also try to make more then one hologram with your skill. Keith, you will train more with the gladiator, but this time I will assist the gladiator so it will be more of a challenge." Shiro instructed.

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