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Haven't started on the Keith sickfic yet, but I promise I will get to it.


Fake to the left.




Keith's day pretty much went like this, he was feeling worthless, so he came to blow off some steam. A layer of sweat covered his body, and he could feel his heart beating out of his chest, his breaths turned ragged.

Keith knew his body shouldn't take this much at once, but he didn't care, he was feeling dull. Like a pencil without a sharpener, all of the pain of his aching limbs subsided, leaving him feeling like putty.

Black dots danced along the edges of his vision, his body felt heavy, like an anchor in the water.

Another slash.


Slash to the left.



Keith could feel the world spinning, sending his body stumbling to get some balance.

That didn't happen.


Lance wasn't feeling himself, well, what he was supposed to feel like. The happy, chipper, seventh wheel who dose nothing but joke. His self worth problem were catching up to him. So he decided to start training, like Keith. It blows off his steam, so why not Lance's?

As he entered, he was caught off guard by the scene that played out in front of him. Keith was spinning, tripping over nothing. His greyish violet eyes rolled to the top of his head, his body went limp, crashing to the floor in a heap.

But the training bot didn't stop.

Lance barley had time to comprehend what was happening before he burst into action, the training bot had its sword lifted, ready to slash down into Keith's neck. Before it's sword could come into contact with the red paladins skin, Lance jumped in front of the blade, his gun blocked the machines sword.

Lance pushed the sword aside, shooting the drone right in the head. It fell off, rolling to his feet.The Cuban quickly turned to Keith, crouching down to observe him. Keith's eyes were shut, but his face was scrunched up in pain or worry. Maybe even a combination of both.

He lifted Keith's head and put his two fingers to the boys neck, checking his pulse.

It was faint.

"Dang it Keith, just stop it. Don't over work yourself like this" Lance cursed under his breath, picking Keith up bridal style. He ran to the main control with Keith in his arms, he was hoping at least one of the Alteans was there so they could put him in a healing pod.

"Shiro! Allura! Someone! I need help!" Lance called before bursting through the doors. Like they were answering his pleads, Shiro and Allura turned to Lance, looks of shock on their faces.

"What has happened!" Allura ran with Lance to the healing pod area, Shiro in tow.

"i-i don't know, I saw him fall while fighting the bot. I'm pretty sure he passed out from Exhaustion." Once the got to the room Lance placed Keith on one of the high tech hospital beds.

"Can we use the pods?" Shiro asked, a look of concern for his younger adoptive brother on his face.

"No, it only works for physical injury, like a laceration of some sort." said Allura's accented voice.

"He over worked himself, so he should wake up. But their should be some serious strain on his muscles." Shiro added in, convincing Lance and himself that Keith should be okay.

"Allura I need you and Shiro in the generator room now!" Coran's voice sounded over the speakers built in the castles.

The two adults looked to Keith and then to Lance "it's okay, I got him. Now go!" Lance shooed the two out of the room.

Leaving him and Keith.

Lance walked back over to the side of the Koreans bed, looking him over in sadness. He didn't know why Keith did this, train until he dropped. Then it hit the blue paladin. Keith,  just might have the same problem he did. He grabbed Keith's shoulder, then embraced him in a hug.

"You need to stop, it doesn't matter what you look like, or what you do. You are always an important member of the team. Your the red paladin, the temperamental, hot headed one not the sad one. So you do you, it doesn't matter how bad you think of yourself, because everyone here loves you." By now Lance was crying, clinging to Keith.

Keith smiled into the hug, wrapping his toned arms around Lance.

Then he whispered into Lance's ear.

"Thank you, blue."

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