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Voltron X Reader Oneshots by Jess_5804
Voltron X Reader Oneshotsby J
-Completed- Hey, welcome everybody. I'm sad to say that I'm just not interested in writing related to Voltron anymore. I've decided to let this book go and move onto my...
Voltron oneshots- (Keith centric)  by BlowingYourMind
Voltron oneshots- (Keith centric) by BlowingYourMind
A load of Kangst, whump, sickfics, and fluff between Keith and the other paladins. Some Klance, request are open.
Keith X Reader || Why do you see me? by chromasia23
Keith X Reader || Why do you see m...by chromasia23
Living on your own, stranded on a planet you meet Keith. He's the first person to see you in a long time. Why? Maybe because he has a wolf like the one you have. Trying...
klance smut & fluff oneshots by keefkogayyyne
klance smut & fluff oneshotsby keith💞
this will probably just be different au's so,,, enjoy! feel free to comment requests too! <3
Voltron one shots by voltronruinedme
Voltron one shotsby I hate myself
I'm so sorry for this if u kno me and find this iM SOrry
Sleeping in and Waking up (Klance One-shot) by pidgetheblessing
Sleeping in and Waking up (Klance...by pidgetheblessing
Keith keeps sleeping in and refuses to get up. Lance is concerned for him, and finally pesters Shiro into confronting Keith. But just what is it that's making Keith act...
Voltron (One Shots) by morelikeamemory
Voltron (One Shots)by morelikeamemory
Just a bunch of Voltron one shots cause I started getting obsessed with the show. Hope you like!
Voltron Oneshots by xX_still_fire_Xx
Voltron Oneshotsby Still Fire
Basically a book with a whole lot of Voltron oneshots. I will have a requests page so PLEASE request any ships you might want to see in this book. Included there will be...
The smell of Coffee and coconut by plut0o0
The smell of Coffee and coconutby Oat
Krolia and Rosa were friends as kids, they had children of their own. They drifted appart but 12 years later, the Koganes move in with the Mcclains. Keith and Lance shar...
Lost In The Echo by Ungnyeo
Lost In The Echoby Ungnyeo
After his brother went MIA, Keith's life began to fall apart. He dropped out of high school and got a job, barely doing enough for himself to survive. He's reached the p...
Forget Me Not// klance by haylches
Forget Me Not// klanceby haylches
Lance and Keith finally had it all. They'd managed to confess to one another, started dating, and even moved in together. Things were looking up. Everything was perfect...
Space Fever by TheHappyDayDreamer
Space Feverby TheHappyDayDreamer
*this is my first klance fanfic but hey, it's short, it's sweet, and it'll take like three minutes to read so* The team is worried when Keith gets a mysterious illness...
Ive.. Gone Galra ~Keith X Reader~ {FLUFF} by canary_is_babey
Ive.. Gone Galra ~Keith X Reader~...by Canary
This is a Voltron, Keith X Reader FLUFF fanfic! (No smut/lemon) I read a Keith X Reader fanfic and it sucked so I wanted to write my own so I hope you all enjoy!
Float //Klance by TheLastRaven-
Float //Klanceby hhhh
Lance is tired: Tired of Keith's bullshiting. Tired of defending the galaxy. Tired of smalltalk. Tired of having to be the hero. Keith is tired: Tired if Lance's bullshi...
Voltron Legendary Defender | One Shots & Imagines by wolfiegirl3333
Voltron Legendary Defender | One S...by wolfiegirl3333
Basically as the title says, VLD Imagines and One Shots with all characters, such as Takashi Shirogane Keith Kogane Lance McClain Pidge/Katie Holt Hunk Garrett Allura...
Morning Stars by BlueCats_areWhack
Morning Starsby Tobi
originally the fanfics name was stargazer (more like starGAYzer, amiright?) unfourtantly it was two commen 0w0 So this Klance Fanfic will be a bit diffrent, having Lance...
Voltron One-shots by CaptianA1918
Voltron One-shotsby Boo!
A collection of one-shots created by yours truly. Requests are open so please feel free to give me some ideas. I do not own an characters. I just love Voltron and I h...