He May Be Galra, But He's Our Galra

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"Good job today team!" The robotic lions opened their mouths, allowing their paladins to exit the battle ships. They celebrated on yet another victory for team Voltron. The planet's inhabitants inched closer and closer to the lions and their paladins "You are safe now, no need to hide!" Shiro announced.

The air there seemed safe to breath, so they took off their helmets, Keith reluctantly took his off, revealing his fluffy ears and slightly purple Galra skin. The planet's reptilian like people gasped and stepped back, Keith decided to ignore them, accepting a high five from Hunk.

One of the braver aliens jumped on Keith, pinning him to the floor. Keith just put his arms up in surrender, not wanting to fight one of the citizens. His ears were flat on his head, mouth clamped shut, not showing his sharp teeth.

Soon a few more aliens held staves up to Keith's head, but Shiro cleared his throat, gaining the group's attention. "Please get off of him before I have to use force" his arm illuminated a purple shade of color.

The alien on Keith got up, but the staves were still pointed to Keith's head. "But there is this Galra among you, his kind almost killed our planet!" The leader exclaimed . Keith looked up to the sky in shame, hurt was evident in his partly yellow eyes.

"No No no no no no, we can't have this" Lance made wild hand gestures. He went to Keith and grabbed the staves pointing at him, throwing the weapons to Hunk, who caught them.

Lance pulled Keith up, and pulled him in a side hug, patting his fluffy ears. "Actually this is not a Galra, it's a Keith, he's purple and we love him." Keith smiled in appreciation, hugging Lance back, his team was like his family, and he loved all of them. 

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