Wisdom teeth (2)

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Keith was like a mystery to Shiro and Adam. The boy was obviously not okay, constantly engaging in fights and lashing out, but both of them saw much past just the facade he put up as a violent boy. They knew he was being bounced around the system, yet there was nothing they could do about it besides be there for him and offer a place to stay.

Keith would admit to nothing, so Shiro and Adam were forced to wait patiently for the next pen to drop or the next fight to start.

Though, something strange had happened during Keith's last visit with the two. He came over to their apartment for dinner at least once a week. Shiro wasn't much of a cook, but Adam sure was, and Adam would always bring Keith to the kitchen and teach him the basics of cooking lest he ever needed it. (They all knew that Keith wouldn't miss how much he was lacking in the normal skills department. He could hardly use a stove the first time Adam had tried to teach him, and it hurt Shiro on the inside because basic skills like boiling water was something that everyone should know. Did his foster homes not allow him into the kitchen?)

Keith always ate his meals with gusto no matter what Adam cooked. Pork chops? Keith scarfed them up. Curry? One of Keith's favorite comfort foods. The disgusting vegetables that Shiro hated? Keith never complained when Shiro scooped his extra serving over onto his plate and ignored Adams glares. (Adam always let it slide because Keith was thinner than he should be and could definitely use the extra servings.)

Though, this time? Keith hardly touched the food. He looked down at it with an unsure expression and occasionally took bites. He winced every so often, as if he was trying to mask his pain, or maybe he was finally disgusted with a meal? That would be a first, but not impossible.

"What's wrong buddy?" Shiro finally asked, once he and Adam had finished their meals and the kid was only halfway through. "Usually you're going for seconds before we're even done with our first round of food?"

Keith flushed, though eating had never seemed to embarrass him before. Or maybe he had been flushed the whole time? Shiro reached across the table to feel his forehead, not surprised when Keith pulled away. "You're a bit warm," Shiro hummed, "do you feel sick?"

"I feel fine," Keith gritted out, "I'm just not hungry today."

Shiro shared a concerned glance with Adam, the both of them sniffing out the lie immediately, but neither called him out on it. Instead, Adam took Keith's plate and moved to the kitchen to wrap it up and put it in the fridge. "You can have the leftovers when you are hungry," he bumped the fridge door closed with his hip as he washed his hands. Shiro squeezed by him to put the plates in the sink.

"Are you staying the night here?" Shiro asked, even if he knew the answer from Keith would always be yes. He had never said no before. "If so, you can take it back with you when we drop you off tomorrow, or have it as a late night snack if you get hungry later."

Keith nodded, "I'll take it back to the home with me," he decided, never one to waste food.

It was summer, meaning that there were currently no classes for three weeks. It had already been two weeks full of relaxation and them offering to take Keith places and do things with them, leaving one week left.

Once the guest room was made, they had all decided to watch a movie together. A stranger sci-fi one that Adam and Shiro liked to make fun of. In the middle of it, Keith had fallen asleep, head slumping sideways against Shiro's shoulder. Shiro felt something in his heart twist at the sight because it was an obvious sign of trust from the kid, or maybe, he really didn't feel well at all.

"Let's get him to bed," Adam yawned, leading the way as Shiro helped a half-asleep Keith to the guest room, pulling back the covers for him. Just in case, Shiro set a bottle of water and a trashcan near the bed and Adam kept the thermometer out, but in the end they didn't need it.

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