Crash landing

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They had been battling for a good hour before everything went to shit. Keith was fine, he could keep battling for as long as it took to take this fleet down, though in retrospect, the rest of the team had taken damage, so they needed to end this quickly.

It was ironic, Keith noticed, that the one fleet they were having a hard time taking down wasn't even a part of the Galran empire. They were being attacked by a planet they had tried to reach out to join an alliance with. Everything seemed fine when they had touched down to visit the leader, a weird frog looking alien, but soon enough they had all been kidnapped and thrown into cells.

Luckily, they hadn't accounted for Shiro's arm to have the power to rip through their metal. They fought their way to their lions and attempted to escape, though a fleet had followed them even through a wormhole back to the castle.

"What is going on?" Allura had asked the moment they all flew through the wormhole, aliens hot on their tails.

"Those frog dudes have serious attitude problems!" Lance whined, barely dodging a blast. "Like, worse than Keith!"

"We need to get the fleet away from the castle and closer to open space!" Shiro ordered, Keith maneuvered his lion to follow after him, flying past many planets until the castle was no longer visible. They had tried to battle them without taking down any of the ships since they weren't the Galra, but Keith had given up on the peaceful approach as soon as they started to fire deadly blasts at them.

They may not be Galra, but they were definitely using Galra tech, meaning they had somehow formed an alliance with a man who wanted to take over the known universe with no prisoners.

Keith wondered how that worked out.

"Form Voltron!" Shiro demanded, before they could sustain anymore damage, and they did just that. Slicing through the fleet was easy enough, and just when they thought they had fought off all of the ships, one had come from behind.

"Brace for impact!" Shiro shouted, but it was too late for them. The moment the blast hit, Keith felt the force of the lions being split apart. They chorused shouts of agony, and it felt like Keith's body was being split in half, but before he could try to steer his lion through the atmosphere of the planet he was crash landing on, he felt blood trickle from his head where he had hit it.

Well, shit.

Everything went black.


"Everyone try to steer your lions in the same direction!" Shiro shouted, knowing that a crash landing was inevitable. The black lion wasn't responding to him, but at least when he jolted the controls to follow the rest of the lions, they all followed each other in a clump.

The lions would for sure need at least a day to recover after a fall through the atmosphere like this, Shiro thought even as they were free falling.

He noticed the red lion suddenly straying from the group, and with muted horror, Shiro realized that her eyes had gone dark, meaning that Keith was either unconscious or dead. "Keith!" He called out desperately, "Keith, get a grip!"

He heard the others shouting alongside him, but the red lion was now separated from them, hitting the ground faster and harder than the rest of them. "Brace!"

At least Shiro was able to use his prosthetic arm to keep a grip on the seat of his lion. The crash was surprisingly more gentle than he had expected, sure, he was jostled, but not thrown across his lion. "Is everyone okay?" Shiro immediately asked once the dust settled.

"I-i'm okay. I think. If you don't count throwing up."


"Ugh, I think I pulled my hip. Can you even pull a hip? Guys?"

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