Mermaid AU

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The depths of the ocean were a turbulent place, an environment with a constant push and pull. Sometimes, if Lance strained his pointed ears enough, he could hear the waves crashing above him on the surface.

The ocean might have been a dangerous and mysterious place (despite always being home for Lance) but the surface was off-limits, even more dark and scary than even the deepest trenches could be.

For a time, Lance had been obsessed with the land and how humans could possibly breathe without gills or move around without tails. It must have been a very dull life without shimmery scales, how could one make a fashion statement? After a while, he had simply shrugged away his fascination to map out the deep floors of the ocean and explore the caverns of his own home instead. No need for Humans.

He had his family, a large pack of them all with similar blue and navy tail colors to blend well with tanned skin. Most other colonies were pale from staying at the depths of the ocean where it was safe, but the McClain colony stood out like a mermaid out of water since, fearlessly, they would sunbathe on large rocks in the sun.

Lance, for one, didn't think he could live without his tanning sessions. Or his family. Really, he was happy where he was, playing with his little Niece and Nephews. Being the youngest sibling, Lance had always had attachment issues with his Ma and Pa, and when it was his time (at the age of 18) to settle down in his own cavern not too far away, they practically had to kick him out.

That didn't stop him from dropping by nearly everyday.

"Lance," his Ma greeted him with a smile, hair pulled back as it normally was. Lance didn't know how the females in his family were able to manage with their long hair. Most had kept it tied back, or they were like his older sister, who simply used the sharp end of a rock or a blade that had somehow fallen to the bottom of the ocean (there were many strange things that washed up) to chop her hair into an uneven bob.

Lance didn't know how the beauty standards down here were long flowy hair and a sparkly green tail with a snatched waist. It was physically impossible.

"Are you here again? Figured after feeding you extra last time it would be at least a day until you came back," His Pa said, poking his head from around the entrance to the large and homey cave, bundles of seagrass in his arms to remake the bedding. The McClain family had one of the largest cave systems in the area, being the largest family, though it helped that they were friendly with everyone and gave helping hands to those in need. No need for territorial disputes and barring fangs to others.

"You can't get rid of me that easy," Lance grinned as he slung his weaved bag from off of his shoulder and into his Ma's arm, winking, "a little present." Like the women in his family, Lance had learned to weave among other things, but no one seemed bothered by it.

His Ma peeked inside the bag, taking in the many trinkets Lance had collected at the ocean's bottom (both as an effort to preserve his home and out of fascination because there were quite a few shiny things.)

"A little something to liven the home up," Lance smirked smugly, because he always brought things to 'liven the home up.'

"You can use this on your own home, you know, you have one of those now," His Pa grumbled good naturdley, even as his Ma gasped in joy at the compactible mirror he had managed to dig from out of the sand.

"We already know my place is all spruced up," Lance idly ran his fingers down to feel the bumpy pattern of his tail occasionally getting caught on a shedding scale, a habit he had picked up since he was a kid.

"Yes, Lance practically lives in a treasure chest," Veronica caught the tail end of the conversation as she entered the cavern, adjusting the cracked glasses on her face even if she didn't need them. Their species eyes were perfect, though the closer they got to the surface the more the brightness hurt a bit, (apparently the contraptions on her face helped with that, though Lance knew they were purley for humans.)

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