Keith carries his team

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Hunk had been having a great time, or, a terrifying time, really. Lance had insisted that everything was good and okay, but Lance always said that stuff when a mission was truly going sideways.

Hunk fought down the nausea crawling up his throat and shot another blast at another barrage of enemies coming his way.

"Hunk, you'll be the one to hold down a line of defense outside the door so that Pidge can hack the system for the information we need," Shiro had instructed, and Hunk didn't know why he had agreed so confidently at the time. Because now he was alone, the only one blocking the Galra from entering the room that Pidge was currently busy in.

Of course, Pidge could protect herself, she proved to be a resourceful goblin many times before, but this was Hunk's only job and the thought of screwing it up made him more nervous than getting attacked by the next wave of Galra. Soon enough they would send someone important, like a general, but Pidge had assured him they would be out of here by the time that could happen.

He gulped down a yelp as he shot once again, his weapon kicking against his shoulder. It took him a while to get used to the kickback of his blaster, but it was one of their heaviest weapons since Pidge and Keiths were for close quarters.

"What's the ETA?" He asked over the comms, not risking looking back into the open room.

"Not too long now!" Pidge shouted back.

"You're going to have to make it quick!" Lance shouted, the sound of gunfire in the background of his comm system. He was drawing outside fire from the ship with Shiro while Keith set up diversions from the opposite side of the ship to catch the Galra's attention.

"Keith, how are you doing?" Shiro asked, sounding calm as usual, though Hunk could sense the tension in his tone.

"The explosions drew their attention, I'm sneaking back Hunk and Pidge's way," he affirmed in a whisper, and something told Hunk that he was sneaking past quite a large amount of Galra like a ninja. You know, normal Keith things.

This was meant to be a lowkey mission, not a form Voltron mission, so Hunk and Pidge had flown over in the Green lion while Shiro had dropped Keith off. Keith would ride back to the castle in the green lion with them if everything went according to plan.

But of course, nothing ever did.

"Hunk, watch out!" He heard Pidge shout, but it was too late. He hadn't noticed the Galran soldier who had either faked being passed out on the ground by his feet, or had just woken up. The moment he looked down, he felt pain shoot all the way from his ankle to his upper thigh. He bit his lip to hold in a yelp of pain, and before he could blink past the flashes of pain, Pidge was by his side, smashing her Bayard down onto the Galra's helmet.

The alien went still after that.

"-unk, Hunk? Look at me!" He felt a slap to his cheek and he realized he was on the ground, leaning against the wall.

"Did you just slap me?" He asked distantly.

Pidge was crouching in front of him, eyes watery and face determined, "You can't go into shock."

He adjusted his head to look down at the leg injury and to the long knife that was no doubt protruding from his leg, but Pidge blocked his view. "You'll throw up, don't look at it."

Yeah, she was probably right.

"How's Hunk holding up?" Shiro asked, "did you get the information?"

"Yeah, I got it all downloaded onto the castle system. Hunk's alive, but there's no way he's going to be able to walk, and I won't be a very good crutch."

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