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The Adventures of SpaceDad and Children by AllTimePhan73
The Adventures of SpaceDad and Chi...by Blue
A text fic following the lives of the Voltron paladins! TW: Homophobia, suicide attempt, brief mentions of self-harm/drug use/abuse/PTSD. I know this makes the story sou...
Klance: Truth or Dare by SevenSidedStories
Klance: Truth or Dareby SevenSidedStories
The crew of the Castle of Lions is waiting on a report from the Blade of Marmora. To kill time, they decide to play an Altean version of the game Truth or Dare. °°°°°°°...
Gone and Mute by AnneSanQuish
Gone and Muteby Annzee
A mission gone wrong leaves Lance's vocal cords shot, and with the healing pods down, the only way to allow them to heal is time. What all can happen in the few short mo...
[Group chat]~~Online Friends Au~~ by TooMinty
[Group chat]~~Online Friends Au~~by けけ_💕
This is a random Online au book. Klance, Shatt, Romelle x Allura... Y'KNOWWW Read if you want idrc 💀 Art isn't mine
Fourteen Days by boobieloobie234
Fourteen Daysby Bri🖤
"2 weeks, alone, handcuffed sounds like the description of a shitty porno!" I never post stories but I've been working on this one and just said fuck it so he...
I Love You, Not Her (Klance) by pep106
I Love You, Not Her (Klance)by Jessica
To end the war between the Alteans and the Galra, the princess of Altea and the prince of the Galra Empire must be wed. There's just one teeny..tiny....problem. The prin...
Now or Never~klance by lowkeygay19
Now or Never~klanceby yeehaw
klance fluff and a lil bit of angst. you know what they say, opposites attract. cover credits~ @teakip on tumblr btw- a lil bit of season 2 spoilers ...
V O L T R O N    M E M E S by gerard_ya_boi
V O L T R O N M E M E Sby you're beautiful
yup... so this is my first book so I hope it doesn't suck. Its legit just a bunch of memes. No judgement. if you want some thing then just request and I'll try to find i...
To Be Paladins - Klance by writerjo159
To Be Paladins - Klanceby takashi shirogayne
Lance and Keith have been fighting more than ever before, and it takes a toll on the whole team. With the red and blue paladins constantly fighting, they are unable to f...
Purple Dragonfire by pinetreedragon
Purple Dragonfireby pinetreedragon
(Voltron Fantasy AU). Lance's dream was finally coming true! He got the chance to become a knight, alongside his hero, Sir Shiro, not to mention his best friend Hunk. H...
The Get Along Shirt {Klance} ✔ by DaughterOfHades22
The Get Along Shirt {Klance} ✔by not v active boos</3
the 5 are done with Keith and Lances Fighting they put them in the dreaded get along shirt
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In Too Deep by pep106
In Too Deepby Jessica
Keith is stranded at sea, who better to help than a mermaid?
The Universe Put us Together For a Reason by Mama_umbrige
The Universe Put us Together For a...by #savethefish211
By Snoop_kat AU where the date that you met your soulmate is written on you. When you met them, the date changes to their name." Lance waited for the day that he wo...
Wait...What? Omega!? by ShadowStepArt
Wait...What? Omega!?by ShadowStepArt
This is just a story that I had been thinking of for a while. It's based in the Omegaverse. Lance McClain has a fear of people knowing that he is an omega, but what hap...
Beta not Omega by kiki-dee
Beta not Omegaby KikiDee
Lance McClain was an Omega. He has been pretending to be a Beta since he first presented at the age of 13 due to his family shunning him, leaving him isolated and alone...
Me Inside Of Me by ShadowStepArt
Me Inside Of Meby ShadowStepArt
Is Lance McClain even Lance McClain? What if he was actually a she? Lance always knew that the life and body he was given was not right, his name in itself made him want...
Who Needs Love Anyway? by XRARIDER
Who Needs Love Anyway?by X Rider
A Klance centered Hanahki Disease story Lance would have never guess in a billion years that it was even possible. To choke to death for loving too much... his Momma had...
Rivals by lyzard_fan_fics
Rivalsby lyzard_fan_fics
•High School AU• Lance McClain and Keith Kogane have never gotten along. They've been rivals since kindergarten. They funny part, is that no one knows why they first sta...
Warmth (Klance Warmth series Book 1 of +4) by LightofShadows
Warmth (Klance Warmth series Book...by LightofShadows
They lost. Voltron lost. 10,000 years ago, Altea lost. Now they have a chance to fight again, to win. They had to win. To win meant to survive. Woken from a 10,000 year...
Crash Landing by notdoinghomeworkrn
Crash Landingby notdoinghomeworkrn
This is a Klance (Keith+Lance) story where they are crashlanded on a planet together. It's mostly fluff and angst. There is blood but nothing to triggering