Summer days and metal baseball bats

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"Come on Keith, you have nothing better to do today," Shiro begged, not for the first time. Keith pretended to not hear him, eyes tracking over the lines in his physics textbook but not actually reading the words. Shiro and Adam had been insisting that they were going to head to the public pool at some point in the last week, to which Keith responded the same way each time they asked.

"You two have fun swimming in piss water for your date, but don't drag me into that," he huffed, "I have to study."

"Keith, it's summer. You have two months off before the Garrison classes are back at full swing. Not even Adam studied during the summer," Shiro stole the thick book from his hands and took it hostage.

"Shiro I swear to every God above if you don't give it back-" Keith lunged from his place on the couch and Shiro backpedaled, placing it on the highest shelf of the bookcase that even he, the tallest person in their house, could barely reach.

"You'll do what?" He asked, innocently, "because it looks like your textbook is a bit out of reach for the moment."

"Don't you dare climb those shelves!" Adam called from the kitchen where he was packing a bag for their pool day, and with every minute that passed it looked more and more like Keith was going to have to go along with them.

"I wasn't going to," Keith lied, sitting back down onto the couch and crossing his arms. His textbook may be gone but his pride wasn't.

"Summer is for socializing," Shiro insisted, "you need to get out of the apartment every once in a while and be a normal teenager."

"You need to get out in the sun, some vitamin C wouldn't hurt," Adam added, leaning against the doorway wearing his swim trunks and a tank top, and suddenly, Keith felt very ganged up on.

"I should have stayed at the Garrison dorms this summer," Keith grumbled as he got up to head to the guest bedroom- his room now- to change. They all knew his words were a blatant lie.

"We wouldn't have let you!" Adam called back before Keith closed the door, "we're fostering you, if you remember correctly."

It was true, and it was something that Keith never would have imagined happening to him. First, he happened to get into a military school despite being an orphan labeled a delinquent just because he beat a few simulator records. Second, two of the Garrison's best pilots and teachers take an interest in him, just so happen to notice that his Foster Father was beating him silly, and decide to Foster him with no hesitation.

Sometimes Keith had to pinch himself in case that punch his Foster Father had dished out hadn't sent him into a coma or something.

It was all a bit much for someone like Keith to wish, but Shiro and Adam had been watching over him for a good three months now, and they were the closest thing he had to a family, even acting like those mushy ones sometimes with their movie nights, family dinners, and-

Well, the public pool visits.

It was only about a ten minute drive away from the apartment that Shiro and Adam had rented for the summer, (having to live on Garrison grounds during the school year. It was a familiar apartment because it was one they always stayed at for spring, Summer, and Winter break.) but Shiro had rolled all the windows to his obsidian jeep down and blasted summer music from 2017, both of them embarrassingly singing along, out of tune and in every key signature except for the one the song was written in.

It didn't make Keith smile, it totally didn't.

As expected, they had to park at the very end of the lot because despite it being only eight in the morning, the pool was bustling with activity. Keith was tempted to stay in the jeep with the AC blowing in his face, 2017 music be damned, but Adam managed to wrangle him out of the jeep while Shiro grabbed the cooler and they were off. Both had a hand on his elbow as they dragged him forward, their flip flops flopping against the simmering pavement, and it felt like Keith was being led to his execution.

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