Humam sacrifice

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"Princess, are you sure about this?" Shiro asked, "you're the one who handles diplomacy, not us."

"Yeah," Lance agreed, "we're supposed to sit there and look pretty, not strike bargains with aliens. That's you and Corans jobs!"

"We wouldn't send you out there alone if we knew you couldn't handle it," Coran butted in, face now visible on the lion's video feed, "this species is typically very calm and nice. All you're attending is a party they're hosting in your honor!"

"Oh, well," Lance shrugged, "a party I can handle."

"Just be polite, smile, and leave at an appropriate time, not too early," The princess shot a warning look to Pidge and Keith, and Keith felt himself bristling. It was easy for her to say, she would be the one staying on the castle ship. Apparently, they had repairs to do and settled down on a nearby planet in the same star system. He wondered why they didn't just settle down on this planet, but Keith figured Allura would get onto him and call it the 'rudest idea in existence,' so he kept his mouth shut.

Diplomacy meetings weren't his thing. Parties even more so. He would let the people like Lance and Shiro handle the talking and hopefully he would be able to find a good corner to take shelter in.

"Is there anything we need to know about these aliens that we've never seen before?" Hunk pointed out, "Have I mentioned that we've had no interaction with them at all? Like, whatsoever?"

"You have made your concerns very clear, Hunk," Allura sounded exhausted, but Keith was with Hunk on this one. Something was fishy about the whole thing, but maybe that was just his body going against the idea of a large social gathering. He figured that in space he could get away from those, but he had better luck staying in his desert shack.

"The species are known as the Platogens-"

"Huh, sounds like Pathogens-"

"Thank you, Pidge," Allura continued, "and they haven't been in communication with any other species for quite a bit, even my Father had trouble getting a hold of them, but this is about to change. I believe this is the first party they have ever hosted, so do not mind them if they are a bit... awkward about it."

"No parties? Ever?" Lance asked, sounding like someone had just kicked his puppy, "well that's about to change, right team? Let's party it up!"


"Come on? Team? Buddies?"

"So," Keith blatantly ignored the blue paladin, "isn't it a bit weird that they're suddenly branching out? I don't like this."

"Well Keith, you never like parties," Lance teased, "no need to be so paranoid all the time."

Allura cleared her throat before Keith could reply, "You must not mess this up, do you hear me?"

"Understood Princess," Shiro replied, "about to breach the atmosphere in a few ticks, we'll spend an estimated four varga before leaving." The comm system clicked off after that, though if they said anything Keith wouldn't be able to hear it anyway over the sound of gravity pulling them downwards. It wasn't as much as a sound, but more of pressure mounting in his ears, but after flying for a few months he had gotten used to the feeling.

Once they pushed past the cloud coverage Keith noted that the planet below them was mostly flat, open lands. Good for a battle but terrible if they ever needed to find coverage. There went the idea of landing their lions somewhere where they could be hidden. It didn't take long for them to come across the civilization with large buildings and cobbled paths leading all the way to a castle, though the castle was nothing like the one they were used to.

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