Falling Asleep... During A Meeting

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Keith now officially hated meetings. Right after he got done with training with the gladiator for a few hours, he got an unexpected call from Allura telling him that they had arranged a pop up meeting with the Olkari to discuss battle plans.

This little pop up meeting, was in four minuets, giving Keith just enough time to gulp down some water and wipe the sweat off of his forehead. He was planning on going to get some rest after training, but the universe obviously didn't want that.

He continued down the hallway and entered the room with the large rectangular shaped table, there were three Olkari with their leader, they sat on one side. Shiro, Pidge, Allura, Coran, Hunk, Pidge, and Lance took up most of the Voltron side of the table.

Keith was forced to sit on the edge next to Lance.

"Okay, now that we are all present" Allura shot a look to Keith, who shrugged. "We shall begin."

"As you may know, the Galra ships are constantly trying to enslave planets, like the ones we saved and your planet...." Allura began, her voice faded from Keith's ears, blocking her out.

Keith just sat there, looking blankly at the bland room that was all the same shade of white. Suddenly it was as if all of the energy was sapped from his body, leaving him with nothing. The weight on his eye lids were unavoidable, so slowly they closed. Keith would not fully fall asleep... He would listen and close his eyes.

Or so he thought.

He pulled off his jacket to cover his body and not just his arms, and he unconsciously leaned on the closest thing next to him, which was Lance.

Lance was surprisingly listening to Allura talk to the Olkari, but he was zapped out of his concentration when he felt a head on his shoulder. He looked and saw a head of black hair and Keith's pail complexion, his eyes were closed shut, his long dark eye lashes were now evident.

Lance squealed in surprise and jumped a little, causing Keith to lean against Lance even more.

Hearing the squeal, the teams heads shot to Lance's direction. Shiro, Pidge, and Hunk just smiled at the sight of the red paladin and the blue one actually not fighting. The leader of the Olkari glanced worryingly at Keith "it seems your red pilot has over exerted himself to the point of sleep."

"We shouldn't have let him come to the meeting, he was training just before" Shiro sighed, putting on his 'worried space dad' face.

"Nah, he's just asleep" Lance looked down to Keith, his cheeks were dusted a rosy color.

"Lance, will you take him to his room? We still have business to discuss with the Olkari." Allura's question was more like an order, but Lance wasn't complaining. He pushed his chair back, facing Keith. Lance slid his hand under his legs and the other hand cradled his back. Keith was surprisingly light.

Lance walked out of the room a little thankful to get out of the boring atmosphere. Keith snuggled deeper into Lance's chest feeling safe in the blue paladins hold. Lance grinned at how adorable Keith was being, the moment didn't last long because Lance arrived to his destination.

He entered Keith's room, a little surprised at how organized it was. He placed Keith on the bed, pulling the covers up to the boys chin.

He pulled a stray strand of black hair out of his face, and stroked his face adoringly. "Please Keith, next time, don't work yourself too hard." He whispered, getting up from his crouch position to walk out of the room.

"No promises" Keith slurred.

Lance only smiled when he heard the respond "good night, Keith."

"G'night Lance."

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