Kitten Sneezes

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Oddly, there were still allergies in space. Keith found that out the hard way. Keith remembered one time at the garrison when he had severe allergies, a wave of pollen had come down to the flight school, making a lot of cadets call in sick.

Keith had spent the whole day with his eyes watering, his nose runny, and the worst of all, his sneezes. Shiro was rather concerned, but he also said that Keith's little sniffles were 'cute' and his sneeze was 'adorable. '

And now Keith was stuck in the same situation, but ten times worse.

His hands wouldn't stop shaking, his eyes were just unfocused, his hair stuck up from the humidity, his nose wouldn't stop its attack on his body, his voice came out in small squeaks, and the urge to sneeze was almost impossible to resist.

But when your Keith, pretty much everything impossible becomes possible.

He thought of watermelons as he walked out of the castle and on to a cornfield like landscape. (If you think of watermelons when your gonna sneeze, it might work and make you stop.)

The long blades of the alien grass reached up to the red paladins thighs, constantly changing colors, and when they walked it made a yellow pathway for them. They had recently entered the atmosphere of an unknown planet that was seemingly uninhabited, Allura and Coran urged the paladins to go explore while they fixed up the castle.

Lance, of course had been exited. Pidge and Hunk didn't care, and Shiro was unsure. Keith just wanted to go back to bed and cough and sneeze and sniffle all he wanted too. Of course Shiro dragged him along saying he needed to get off of the training deck and see the light of space.

"What are we waiting for?" Lance asked "let's go already!"

"Not all of us want to be here, Lance" Pidge snarled a few minutes after they started walking.

Keith didn't catch Lance's reply, it was drowned out by his concentration of trying not to sniff or cough. Eventually though, he had to give in. Keith let out a small sniffle and wiped at his leaking eyes furiously, but he bought up the rear of the crew, so no one bothered to look back.

Unfortunately, Keith let out a few small, strangled coughs and more sniffles. Shiro, who was in front of Keith, looked back, worried. "You aren't getting sick, are you?" He put his hand on Keith's forehead and frowned, it was a little warm.

Keith shook his head furiously, a few unwanted tears pricked at his eyes, so he wiped them away like he did the others. "You seem a little feverish, we're only about a mile out, so if you want we can turn back." Shiro offered.

By now the whole group stopped, all observing the red paladins state.

"Yeah" Hunk agreed "it's just fields anyways. Nothing really interesting other then the colors." Keith shook his head for a second time, he wanted his friends to keep going, they hadn't landed on another planet in a while.

"Keith, please. Your obviously struggling with trying to hide that you have allergies." Pidge adjusted the glasses perched on her nose, making her look like an evil genius. Keith didn't like being stared at, especially knowing that his hair was messy, his eyes were blood shot, and his skin was probably paler than usual.

"So that's what's been going on" Shiro mused "no wonder, It's just like that time at the garrison-"

Keith placed a hand over the black paladins mouth, cutting him off. "We dontt speak of that" Keith's voice cracked multiple times. Lance giggled at Keith's voice, but stopped when the red paladin glared daggers at him.

"Let's go" Shiro now took the lead, dragging an unwilling Keith, with Hunk and Pidge wondering out loud how this planet could give him allergies.

"So" Lance dashed to the front "What were you saying about the garrison?" Keith gave Shiro a look, but despite that, Shiro explained the poor boys situation.

"He really should have called in sick, but he just kept flight training going. It was spring, so all of the pollen was coming over the garrison in waves. Keith had many bad symptoms, but the worst thing was..." Shiro stopped dramatically, looking to Keith.

Keith gave him pleading eyes, but that didn't work. Shiro was about to continue, but Keith felt the familiar tingling sense coming from his nostrils. He begged to any good being out there that would help him not sneeze.

But he did it anyways.

His sneeze came out like a kittens sneeze, soft and not too loud. The group immediately halted, all looking at Keith like a bomb went off.

"The worst part of his allergies was his sneezes, they were the most lovable sneezes anyone could muster. At first The whole garrison thought it was weird, but then they thought it was cute." Shiro finished his explanation .

The other paladins let out chuckles and laughs, making Keith look down awkwardly.

"So now that that's clear" he sneezed again "can we just go?"

The rest of the team picked up on his distress and all nodded in sync, wordlessly continuing their trek.


Keith thought miserably

I just want to pretend this day didn't happen and just go to sleep. 

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